Sunday, January 09, 2005

Yesterday I did not write anything about the Tsunami disaster for I wanted to focus on something else, the reason being that I sense that I am becoming emotionally involved in this tragedy...I became sad and emotional whenever I watch the news...Like I had said a few days ago, the calamity was too much for me to stomach, I thought I should focus my thought away from this misery and wrote about other subjects the are close to my heart at that time...But this morning I got an email from a friend who live in the California desert, who watch all those events that unfold on the TV screen, and like me she felt sick and sad and hope that such events would not happen again...She is much older then me and as such saw the second world war much clearer then me and understood the meaning of misery of such disaster but yet when it comes to this disaster, she, like me was just unprepared to accept the reality of such calamity...So today despite being somewhat emotionally involved and sad about the whole episode I felt that I should comment the good works done by our Malaysian who went to Acheh to help at the first hour of the disaster...They were the first relief group that arrived in Banda Acheh and have indeed done a great job there, some have returned to be replaced by others...The organizations are the Mercy Malaysia and the Malaysia SMART team, the doctors and paramedic from the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur team and other individual that went to help...They have done the country and the people of Malaysia proud ...Mercy Malaysia
In reply to an email from my friend who live in the California desert I wrote this...

.....M..., thanks, we were the first country to be there to give aid, Mercy Malaysia and other Malaysian relief group arrived there just after the happening and there are still there, yesterday Malaysian Police, 200 of them left for Banda Acheh, and now three of our international airport are open to all, Penang, Langkawi and the Subang airport at KL, A supply hub for food has just open at KL Airport to supply regular food to Bandar Acheh.... Million of dollars keep pouring to the Malaysian Relief Fund, we can now send donations in many way includes by SMS.... We speak the same language with those people in Acheh, so it is much easier for us to help...We are going for the long run, after the 'honeymoon' period most of assistance would be gone, we would stay to rebuilt....I wrote my thoughts in my blog 'in passing - Malaysian' , hope you get the time to read it, bye for now and take care.

Friends, my friend M live in the California desert and has just move house, in the process she lost my blogsite..I have send the link so that she can keep following my thoughts from time to time like before....Have a nice day.

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