Tuesday, January 25, 2005

It has been a hot and humid week...With the aircondition turn on it make the temperature to cool down, like the weather in the Mediterranean...Modern technology did just that, so that we could live in the cool comfort of our home in the tropic.... Got an email from my friend that live in the UK, He has not been well, in and out of hospital for medical check up.... At this age... He is much older then me...Anyhow he say that he is ok now and enjoying life as well...With his usual beer drinking session at the local pub...I guess it would not be a real life for those Brit if they did not frequent the bar...It has been their tradition and culture... Well Ken...That is life...The up and down of life...We who are in our golden age should not complain too much for we had been given a great life to live...And we are still breathing and I believe we should not waste the precious time to lament on the past or complain on things that we just do not like....We should live in the present and continue enjoying life...We have been a lucky generation...We saw the war and what it did to humankind and it is history now, we should not live on with memories of the past but live Now, it is in peace time except in some countries in the middle east...The world had never had that good...It could be better but then we human are never satisfied...That is one reason our species had managed to survived and progress this far....Like all those great scientists say we all are going places.. to places that no man had gone before...During this week alone our spaceship have landed on other planets in our solar system... It is indeed a great achievement for mankind and soon we would be able to fly and play a little in those huge plane built by Airbus, the A380..... In Kuala Lumpur it has been a hot and humid day...January was not like this before but then the weather has change a lot, with the recent Tsunami, the extra cold weather in Europe and North America.... We have to live on and try to enjoy life...now that we have air conditioning..., I believe the business on this would be great indeed...There is always the plus points on such happening, the airconditon business is sure to boom, good for them...Those that live in the cold temperature in North America and Europe want to be in the warm climate of the tropic, Malaysia welcome them all to have a great time on our beaches, where the sun shine all throughout the days...It might rain a little, but how do we appreciate the sun if there is no rain!!....Have a nice day.


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