Monday, January 03, 2005

The Tsunami, relief efforts have start to reach the people effected by the disaster, It is indeed a monumental task to get those million of people back to normal life again..It look like once again humanity is at it best, every nations have came forward to do their bits to help those people that need helps...What a great thing this tragedy have brought unto us human....A sense of belonging to the species.....Many people in the region lost their life as well a large number of western tourist that were spending their holiday in this region, Sweden alone lost not less then three thousand of its citizen in Phuket, the actual number are yet to be known to date...My condolence to those families that lost their love one wherever they are...I pray that they all would stay strong in facing this calamity, for lives have to go on for the living, the departed are gone, lamenting our it would not bring them back... A prayer to those lost soul would be an appropriate things to do now,..May the lord place them all in heaven...We the living must understand that incident like this happen from time to time in our history, maybe we would be wiser after such an incident, for we human always would be able to find ways to progress further to improve the quality of live of our species on this planet.

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