Thursday, August 26, 2004

What a day....My Streamyx or the broadband system that is call here is down and up till this afternoon it is still out of order..... I have to resort to using my dial up system to get to this blogging....Well it is always great to get an alternative way to surf the net.... The old way of the dial up.... I tried to get my broadband going but was not successful,so I call up those good people at Streamyx and theyadvise me to try disconnect my router and us the moden direct... I tried their advise but it still do not seem to work.... After taking their advise and talking to three personal at Streamyx, a young lady tried to guide me to get the Streamyx going, but again it do not seem to work....So she put up a report for me and say that it would be attended to and ask me what else she could help.... I told her thanks and reply that what I need most now is my Streamyx working as usual again.....With that I thanks her again and she say that action would be take to get my Streamyx working again...... Well at least the quick respond from was good and that I got all the service and am waiting to get my Streamyx on again..... Well life is like that, so is with technology.....Sometime it refused to work and I guessed that is why they had those people at to take care of such things...... Lucky for me I still had my dial up service....So here I goes back to the old way of surfing the net ....The dial up way.....But it is not the same for it is a bit slow the broadband....but for now I have no complain, at least I am able to surf the net as usual.....Life has to go on and that is the way it is.......

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