Saturday, August 21, 2004

I was on holiday....So I took off from blogging..... I just want to be free so I did not bring my laptop along...But with the availability of internet access at all hotels now...It is just too difficult to turn away from the internet.... It is now easy to surf the net from time to time....To get the latest of the email and other news....So for once I just let the internet away from me for a few days and free myself and enjoy my holiday..... In Langkawi.., an island north of Penang, an island once only few fishermen live and wild life roam the island and eagles in large numbers fly freely in the clear blue sky...Enjoying the freedom without the human interference, thus the island is name Langkawi [Lang in Malay means Eagle and Kawi is the red colored rock found on the island]..... This Island Langkawi, once known only for its legend of Mashuri, was soon developed on the vision the former Prime Minister Dr.Mahathir Mohammad.....Today it is no longer a fishing village but has thrive to become a holiday resort with all the facilities comparable with any other major holiday resorts in the other parts of the world...It is today a holiday resort of a kind where one could enjoy a holiday with a difference, just like a sorts of a get lost holiday on a tropical island....There are ninety nine islands and almost all are still in its original form, with tropical forest and sandy beaches, surrounded by clear blue sea, ideal for a great swim and snorkel dive....We decided Langkawi for our getaway holiday this time for a change.... I decided to drive all the way for a holiday to Langkawi instead flying there, since this island is just a few kilometer away from the main North South Highway where a ferry service provide regular shuttle from the mainland, Kuala Kedah to Kuah in Langkawi..... So driving would be a pleasure on this North South highway....where there are many R & R along the way, that we could stop to rest, refresh ourselves and have our meals.....It was Sunday, the day was bright with clear blue sky.... I had check the weather a day earlier on the internet and it says that the weather all the way up to Penang would be fine and then in the evening there would rain or thunderstorm....We left the house at just past nine in the morning and took the Highway at just off the Ipoh road, and after going through the toll plaza at Damansara, we proceed on toward the north..... With such fine weather driving on this Sunday morning was enjoyable all the way, after a few stop for refreshment and then lunch, we arrived at Butterworth just after two and the weather soon became gloomy and then there were thunderstorm and strong wind and since it is dangerous to drive on such a condition I made a stop at rest site for a while for the rain to subside....... After stopping awhile I drove on and arrived at the Kuala Kedah Jetty around three and then board the Ferry at three thirty..... The Ferry journey to Kuah in Langkawi took about one and a half hours......... On arrival at Kuah, the landing jetty for Langkawi we were greeted by a huge Eagle, the mystic mascot of Langkawi.......Oh! What a Welcome for the first timer..... Great!!.... A great sight indeed........ Posted by Hello

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