Friday, August 27, 2004

Well my Streamyx is back after a twenty four hours down.....Thanks to those good people at for getting it working again...... Since surfing the net has became a sorts of ritual to me, not able to surf it for a while, is just like loosing a means of communication.....It is like that with technology when it is out you felt the lost and you always expect it always works all the time, although we all know too well that technology like us human do sometime have problem keeping up with the daily ritual, thus its stop to work for a while.... Like the cell phone, the internet has become a part of my daily life.....It is getting to be an extension of oneself....You just felt incomplete without it.......Well my friends that is life in today's world.....Imaging a day with out the TV..... You would just get lost for a while and life would be haywire......So do not take for granted all those gadgets that we have at home....It has now became a part of our life, you would only realized when it is not working.... And you felt frustrated.....It is like that, so take it easy.... As long as the service at the provider is good, then we need not worry, like the provider of Streamyx.....So far their service has been good......Keep it us guys, you are doing great......In the spirit of Malaysia Boleh [ Malaysia can do it}.... Have a nice day.

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