Monday, August 09, 2004

It was Friday and as usual I went to the Friday prayer congregation at the local mosque, after prayer I sat down to meet old friends and then chat a while..,while waiting for the traffic to ease, so as not to get caught in the traffics jam..... When three thousand people attend this weekly prayer at the local mosque, traffic jam is a common phenomena after the prayer... It usually take about half an hour to get it cleared..., for those people to get back to their offices or to go wherever they are heading to... And as I had nothing to rush....I usually linger on and wait for the traffics to subside and then take my time to get home..... In the mean time.. That is where we would sit at the mosque to chat and pass the time away...... When the traffic are cleared.... I decided to get to my car and drive home... And as I step to get out....On looking I found that my slipper are not there and looking on I saw in it place another one identical to mine,it look new but smaller in size.... I tried and found that it is definitely not mine..... As usual when entering the mosque we leave all our footwear, like shoes or slippers outside and enter the mosque barefooted,.. So at the entrance there would be thousand of footwear left and as people leave the mosque after prayer, they would put on their shoe or slipper and normally nothing is left behind.... Most of the time people used slipper to go to the mosque as it is much suitable for such occasion, easy to wear and take out...... On this day.... I found mine missing and there is an identical one left behind which I know for sure that it is not mine...... So I decided to get to my car barefooted and a friend notice that and ask me Why..... I just told him that someone had taken my slipper and that it is alright, most probably the person has mistakenly wear it without knowing it is his, it sometime happen..... I believe that once the person realized that it is not his, he would returned it the next time he comes to the mosque...... So I left the mosque barefooted and drive home and on arrival told my spouse that I came home barefooted... As usual she say not too worry...It would be returned.... Well that is that and things happen.. So not to worry.... And soon I forgot about this incident and a few days ago I went to the mosque to do the magrib prayer and as usual wear a slipper, another one that I had.....On arrival at the entrance of the mosque I saw my 'lost' slipper..... left behind by whoever that had used it before... Well I am happy that I got my slipper back... Well my friends that is life, if it is not yours and you found another that is almost the same, do not take it, leave it behind and take it easy.... In this case the person that took and wear my slipper realized that it is a mistake and returned it to the place where he had taken it before.... So here I found it back and indeed happy about it.... Well.. Human value my friends what makes us Human..... So just be human, we sometime makes simple mistake.... Maybe without realizing it.... So after this magrib prayer, I took the 'lost' slipper home..... Happy that I found it back and thanks the whoever that had taken it by mistake...... It is not that expensive but then it is still mine....... That is life....Life is like that.... Take it easy......

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