Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Today the eleven of August nineteen zero zero four, the new Highway from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan is now open to the public.... It was declared open by the Sultan of the State of Pahang on the first of August..... So I decide to take a drive on this new road..... We left at nine in the morning and head for Bentong, on the way, where we visit a sick relative and then proceed to Kuantan using the new highway...... The morning was cool with clear blue sky, just before reaching Karak we enter the new stretch of the Highway..... It look great so I drive on not know what to expect along this new road.... In the past traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan on the east coast, with my kind of driving it would take four and a half or five hours one way.....So with the new dual tracks highway it would surely take a shorter time to travel..... I travel on and found the road all along were well constructed, with many rest areas being construct at an interval of thirty kilometers, so it would be a great place to stop and freshen up.... Among the many rest areas, there are two R & R, one at the new bridge called the Temerloh R & R and another at Gambang just on the outskirts of Kuantan..... After about two and a half hours of driving we arrived at Kuantan..... What a relief, it actually cut the traveling time to half.... I was driving at the maximum speed of one hundred and ten per kilometer, trying to keep at the speed limit accorded..... And it look like that others that drove faster, could makes to Kuantan is just two hours or so...... Great it look like driving to Kuantan has became a pleasure, unlike before it was just a journey to get from point A to point B and could not enjoy the trip.... I had waited all the years from my childhood to this age and now after forty seven years of independence, the road was completed and I am glad that I had that opportunity to drive on this highway from Kuala Lumpur to my hometown Kuantan, with pleasure and enjoying the trip....... Well.... My spouse and me did makes history.....For we at last had that opportunity to travel on this new highway during our golden age...... We spend the night at Kuantan, met some friends and relatives and the back to Kuala Lumpur the next day is just two and half hours, fresh and enjoyable...... The picture below is the entrance to the bridge across the Pahang river and just near this crossing are the R & R on both side of the roads, that provides amenities for freshen up and to enjoy a break for coffee/tea, lunch or dinner en route to KL or Kuantan..... What a way to travel now....... Yet another dream comes true for us, in our golden age..... Thanks to the authority for the great job of building this new highway for the Malaysian public....... Posted by Hello

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