Monday, March 31, 2014

My little abode...

When I first bought my house in Ampang Jaya it was all brick and mortar. I did not like it so over times I tried to change it to a more wooden house. It was not easy and with the budget I got over times I did it and now it no longer look like the original house that I bought in the early seventies. I turn my concrete house into sort of a wooden house and create a small garden in front and at the backyard. There is a huge bush of all kind of greens in front where the gate is. So my whole house is like a little garden and it does kept the house cool. I no longer slept in an air-conditioned room to keep me been dehydrated and thus healthy. We all must give due respect to the greens for without the green the whole living species on this planet would perish. Why you may ask. The answer is that as we all know pretty well that all living species need energy to live and that energy comes from the Sun. It is the Plants that convert that Sun's energy into foods that we could consume to get that energy from the Sun. So folks just a gently reminder; plant greens around your house or anywhere and give due respect to it for without it we all would be banished from this planet. 

Have a nice day.

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