Thursday, March 20, 2014

Quaint buildings in Penang...

I was in Penang at the end of last month. While playing tourist there I photograph many scenes of George Town. Most of the buildings in the old part of town remind me of my growing up period in my home town of Kuantan. I was happy to see all those old buildings still standing around; row and row of it with a few in between modern buildings that have been built in recent years. We call these rows of shop houses as pre-war buildings as most of it was built before the Second World War. While I was at the 6th floor of the Hotel room that I was staying I took a picture of some old building from the window of the room. This is indeed an opportunity to get a rare shot of the row and row of the shop houses from up above. It looks need and well planned. I grew up in one such shop in Kuantan where my father had run a restaurant. During a period where there was hardly any fan let alone air-conditioning, the interior of the build was always kept cool. It has ceiling made of hardwood and planks. With a high ceiling it allows the hot air from below to move upward and disperse through the vent above. 

While taking a slow walk around the town I came across an old building that is still standing on one corner of the street, doing business as usual. The one storey build look old and I believe it must have been built about a hundred years ago.

As I move on I saw a familiar signage that show the Odeon cinema.  During my childhood growing up in Kuantan there was a cinema there of the same name that I often goes to watch movies. Here in one corner of the old section of George Town stood an old building call the Odeon; nostalgic  indeed. 

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