Monday, March 24, 2014

25 years of the WWW....

  • March 12, 2014 is the 25th year of the World Wide Web or WWW. It was an invention by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. I am glad I got to witness the development of the Internet during my lifetime. I was born when there was no Running water, Electricity or Radio and of course no Telephone. The fastest way to send news was to send a message by Telegram. When our first child was born in 1963 I send a telegram from Kuantan to Bentong informing my in law of the arrival of our first child. In the Kampong message was send using the Bedok [hollow wooden trunk hanging by rope and beat with a stick to create sound] or by walking from one place to another. Since the arrival of the internet to this country (1995) when I got connected I have live in two worlds; the virtual world and the physical world. As I move forward I found I can no longer live in one world. Now I live and breathe in both worlds all the time and I am enjoying it. It does improve the quality of my life. Everyone of Malaysian arrive into this new world of ours at the same time, so there is no excuse for any one group to say they are at the disadvantage. We Malaysian are now on a level playing field. The economic benefit is great so there is no reason for all Malaysian not to be able to prosper together. Even the ordinary fisherman is getting the benefit of using the Internet. For example a fisherman could negotiate the price of its catch while at sea using the cell phone. The fisherman catch fish and while out there could contact the buyer on his smart-phone with image. He can keep the fish fresh in the water until the buyer want or arrive. Fresh fish fetch better price. The same goes with other commodity. Children with tablet in the third world can access information in the virtual world. Learn language by watching YouTube and other media. The advantages are numerous and I think the invention of the Internet is  the greatest invention of mankind, second only to the invention of the wheel.

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Pak Idrus said...

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Adib Noh Well said.If not due to the web,I won't be writing my blog more than ten years ago.
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Idrus Abu Bakar Adib Noh Yes indeed and most probably we would not have met.
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Taufik Abdullah Well said Idrus. A good blog posting. I shall forward it to my fellow otais in the Class of 59. Have a difficult time converting them to join the 59 whatsapp group. Partly successful with the help of Jimin. The engineers appear to be the most difficult Lias, incl your colleagues from Brighton and LLN/TNB.
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Idrus Abu Bakar Thank Taufik Abdullah, appreciate it very much. I have been blogging for more than ten years and enjoying it.
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Howard Yamaguchi I wouldn't have met you without the WWW !
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Idrus Abu Bakar Howard Yamaguchi Yes indeed. It was the Blogsphere that connect both of us. Stranger no more. I blog here...
Pak Idrus's Blog...: A Beautiful Lunch...
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Smartan Dad said...

Hi Pak Idrus, first visit and follow your blog dy. I agree that Internet has totally changed our life and make our life easier, especially the e-Banking.

Pak Idrus said...

Smartan Dad, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Yes especially for my generation who came from the 'cave' It a quantum leap from the physical world to the virtual world. I loved it.

Have a nice day.