Thursday, April 03, 2014

Water Rationing....

Well folks it already the 3nd of April 2014. In those days we would be playing truant on April Fool days. It was fun indeed but now except for us old folks I believe none of the present generation know what it is all about; it history now. Now let come to the reality of the present world. As it is we are still on water rationing.  Since the beginning of March this year we have been on water rationing; it all because of the long dry spell which is rather unusual in this country. Without much rain the reservoir water level has gone down and down thus the authority had to do water rationing for the population especially to a certain parts of the state of Selangor. I have live in Selangor for more than forty years. I move to Kuala Lumpur in the mid 1972 on a transfer from Malacca. Since living in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor this is the first time that we have encountered such water rationing. Beginning of this month we get water only every two days and go dry for another two days and to me it all right with this arrangement since we could plan our activities to suit the situation. When there is water supply we would keep water in containers enough to be used on the day the tap run dry. We would use the washing machine only during the day when we have water supply. We need the reservoir to be filled up before going back to normal and that required lots and lots of rain. We are now beginning to see rain on and off but I do not think it would fill the reservoir as yet. It needs to shower for days in the catchment areas before more water start to flow into the reservoir.  This kind of situation never happened before and I believe it all because of global warming. 

Anyway do have a nice day.

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