Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A place call ChinaHouse in Penang...

While in Penang recently I came across this building with a huge banner hung in front of the entrance. I read it and since I love animals I decided to give a donation to the charity. I enter the building and saw a Bar. I ask the person there where I can give a donation for the Cat's Charity. She said I had to walk to the Cashier and hand it there. I thank her and with the camera dangling I walk and soon found that the shop is long and that it consist of many kind of eateries. I got to the other end where the cashier is and hand her my cash donation. She give me a receipt for the donation. I then ask their permission to take photo of the place and they say to just go ahead.

I explore the shop and took picture of what I thought were interesting. I felt for the whole concept and love the place but did not sit to enjoy those tempting cakes. Telling myself that I have to come again to sample the cakes or perhaps have lunch here with friends. Those folks who had planned this joint were real creative in that they have taken the food outlet to another level; a blend of so many eateries under one roof. There is a Bar at one end where one could enjoy the music and whatever drink, there is a long dinning area where one could enjoy dinning in an ambiance of tranquillity. Then that row and row of cakes that looking at it alone would want you to sit and enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea. There is a garden of sort that turn the ambiance into an atmosphere of coolness; taking away that hot and humid weather of the outside. I soon found out that this place is call ChinaHouse. One can enter the building either from Lebuh Pantai or Lebuh Victoria. Below are some scenes of the interior of the place.

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