Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Parliament dissolved..

As has been predicted by many, the Prime Minister of Malaysia has dissolved Parliament. This made way for the General Election soon. I believe the Election Commission would soon announce the date for the nomination of the candidates as well as the Polling day.

Well, I was right when I said that the election is going to be held soon. With this announcement the speculation as to when the election would be held can be put to rest. Friends, we are going to the poll again, so do not miss this opportunity to vote the person or the party that you want to manage this country for the next five years. Have a nice day.


Unknown said...

Hello Pak Idrus,

Oh yeah, elections..hmm..but I came here not to speak of elections..ha ha. I have some other pressing matters to here. I came to wish you and your dearest love of your life:

Happy Valentine's day!

Pak Idrus said...

ruby, thanks for the Valentine greeting and the same to you and your loved one. May you continue to have that heart of gold always. Have a nice day and take care.