Saturday, February 23, 2008

Of furniture and its owner...

Good furniture are made by good craftsman who love doing a good job of it. It is actually a work of art. A priceless item indeed. It is said, probably one of the Wisdom of the Old, that a furniture is made and then it wait for its owner. Eventually it would find its rightful owner. I have always admired good workmanship in furniture making, so always kept looking for one that I would eventually take it home to be mine. Somehow I know that woodwork is in my gene for I seem to be able to create beautiful woodwork once I set my mind in doing it. I got myself a set of tools for woodwork and would from time to time sat to create simple furniture. The about furniture that you see in the image above is part of my own creation that I am proud of it. It is also a piece of furniture love by everyone in our home. The Kopitian table, that has a history of its own. The marble top is a piece that I got from an old table that was in my late father coffee shop. The original base made of wood has since gone from neglect when my younger brother who inherit the shop decided to close the business. Most of the old furniture in the shop was carted to his home in the Kampong [village] and left everywhere and soon with the introduction of new furniture, these things of the old were just left to rots. What a pity.

One fine day some years ago when I was at my brother's house in Kempadang, Kuantan. I ask him of the whereabouts are those furniture of the past that was in father's shop. He just pointed to me to the junk in his store at the back of the house. I look and found a piece of the marble top lying on the ground and covered with dirt and sand. I drag it out and saw that it is still in one good piece but slightly damaged. He told me that if I want that piece I could have it. Without much hesitation I got one of his son to help me get that piece into the boot of my car. And brought it back to my home in KL. With the help of a friend of mine who is also a craftsman, the marble top was brought back to its original shape again. Over times I got the help of another craftsman to do the base of Jati wood for me and Voila!! I eventually got a new Kopitian Table which is unique in a way, with its own history. The four chairs you see in the image are that I bought after doing a search in the market. It is made of Rubber wood, a Malaysian own. Well, just like the old saying, these furniture, the Kopitiam table and the four chairs have found its owner in Me.

Another Word of Wisdom about furniture that I would like to share with all is that Get a really good furniture that would last and it would be part of the family forever and ever. Just like this marble table top of Kopitiam table. The whole family love it and I believe it would stay with the family forever. Have a nice day.


sheela said...

Gd Mrng, Pak Idrus! Nice pic of u in the InTech sec of today's NST! Who says that seniors r not tech savvy!

Pak Idrus said...

sheela, thanks for the visit. Well, I am glad that the NST did some research on this. Because of blogging I have been featured in the Star and now the NST. I was also given the opportunity to be on lives TV [TV9] last year.

I hope my contribution would in a small way help to get more people especially the Senior to Blog. Have a nice day.

louis said...

I'd like the link to that NST article.


Pak Idrus said...

louis, thanks for the visit and the comment re the NST article. There was a two pages writeup and includes photos. I am not sure whether you get the whole article on the On Line page. Have a nice day.

Louis said...

Pak Idrus,

Thanks for so promptly sending me that link.

It was because of that interview in The Star that I discovered your blog, and through you, others.

I shall look at the other blogs mentioned in the NST articles.

Terima kaseh.

Pak Idrus said...

louis, thanks. Glad that you enjoy reading blogs from this part of the world.

Technology made it possible for us to communicate at the speed of light. Have a nice day.