Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Of blogsphere and the Malaysian Election...

Blog the new media is surely going to made some impact in this coming election. Before Blogging the only information one get about the campaign is through the mass media, like the Radio, Television, the Newspapers and attending rallies. Now with blogging the society are slowly and surely been bombarded by more information about the coming election. Candidates who are not getting their views into the Newspapers, the Radio and Television are doing it now via Blogging [The citizen Newspaper] and its sister media the YouTube [The citizen TV]. With the new generation of Malaysian voters who are slowly becoming more Internet savvy, these new media are I believed going to made some impact in this coming election. It is interesting to note that even the ruling party the BN [The National Front] have set up what they call the Cyber Troopers to monitor the political development in cyberspere. So it look like from now onward the fight for political power would not only be in the real world but in cyberspere as well.

I think when voters get to hear both side of the story, they would have a better understanding of whom to vote. In a way this is good because in a democracy the people are the real power and the elected official are their representatives. By electing the right people to represent them they are actually transferring their power to their representatives in Parliament and the State Assemblies.

Campaigning is going on all over the country to influence voters and political blogs are doing the same, so now voters are getting more information then never before. With that I believe there would emerged a better quality of voters and this would translate to a matured democracy. The 2008 Election I believe is the beginning of the changes that would continue to happen in the next fifth years. So friends do vote with wisdom and made democracy works for us. Have a nice day.


Zawi said...

Pak Idrus,
I don't know how far campaigning via the blog can increase the chances of winning an election since our internet penetration rate is still slow. Most voters dont read blogs too. Future elections may see the wider use of the cyber media to reach voters.
Which parliamentary constituency are you voting in?

Pak Idrus said...

zawi, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this subject of my posting.

Well, as we all know every media has its following, so is cybersphere. Creating awareness is important to Malaysian. I believe in a Democratic system the citizen should be given every information that are available so they then could made a smart decision. How they would vote depend on their wisdom.

This is the beginning of the future process in democracy in beautiful Malaysia. So it is a start. Like you said in the future elections cybersphere would be part and parcel of reaching Voters.

I would be voting near my home. Have a nice day.