Thursday, December 06, 2007

Our Sun...

It is about the sun, our glorious sun that we see everyday and at time we took for granted that it is there. Unlike the snow that I was talking about in my last posting everyone of us from any parts of the globe get to see the sun, at sunrise or sunset and throughout the day if it does not rain, whereas the snow only those people in the northern and southern atmosphere get to enjoy it. The differences between the Snow and the Sun is that we all get to see the sun wherever we are. It does not matter where you live, you would be able to see the sunset as well as the sunrise. The only differences is that if you live beside the sea you get to see the rising sun creeping up slowly along the horizon, making it appearance with a blazes of golden and amber color. It is the same thing when it is seen in the evening, it just slowly dip into the sea below the horizon and disappeared until the next evening.

Just a few days ago my spouse and me went to stay at our condominium in Malacca. Our apartment is just five hundred meter away from the shore of the sea facing the Straits of Malacca. Not far beyond is the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. It was a clear day and as evening arrived I saw the sun began to set. I took my camera and wait for it to do its daily disappearing act. With my camera I stood at the balcony and watch this wondrous red ball that would soon disappeared below the horizon. In that lapse of times I enjoyed the cool breeze of the evening and watch the horizon changes from one scene to another, like a huge moving postcard coloring the horizon with the gorgeous amber, gold, red and yellow, that we normally see when the sun began to set. Against the gray and white background and the blue sea below it is a picturesque as well a magnificent sight to watch and wonder. In between that moment in times I snap a numbers of shot, thus the images above. I stood there watching and enjoying the evening, while the sun disappeared below the horizon. Turning the sky into gray and with that the night began at this part of the world.

In about twelve hours from now the sun would raised on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, where I believe our friend the new blogger from the state of Terengganu changgeh, who has yet to do his first posting, would be watching the same sun rising yonder in the South China Sea, at yet another horizon. Watching it slowly rises from the waterline and brighten the morning with its ray of hopes. That golden, amber and sometime yellow glowing ball that welcome us every morning. For us living in the peninsular part of Malaysia the east coast and the west coast is not that far a part. The furthest is about four hundred kilometers and the nearest is less then one hundred kilometers. And if you want to watch both the sunrise and sunset at the sea's horizon on the same day, you could drive from Kuantan on the east coast after the sun has risen, have a great breakfast in Kuantan and then drove on using the Karak Highway to Kuala Lumpur. If you still have plenty of time to waste, do some shopping in Kuala Lumpur, have tea at KLCC and just then off you drive on to Port Dickson or Klang and you could see the sunset there. Have a great dinner beside the sea and watch the wondrous sunset. Well that is our sun and I did enjoy watching it whenever I am staying at our condo at Pantai Putri. Our apartment is part of the resort hotel which is now known as the Bidara Putri Beach Resort, Melaka [formerly the Mutiara Melaka Beach Resort].

The sun is the most important planet in our solar system, for without the sun there would be no life on this planet of ours that we call earth. It is the source of our energy. Just take a moment and think!!! Would there be life on earth if there is no Sun?. Surely not!!, It is this glorious sun that provides all the energy and without energy nothing could survived on the planet earth. Appreciate it and enjoy its presence for the sun gives us so much. But the sun alone could not save the earth if we the earthling did not take the necessary care and love for mother earth. If we all do our part together, like keeping the environments clean then we would be able to continue to watch this wondrous sun in all its glory forever and ever. And we could continue to enjoy life as well. Have a nice day..


changgeh said...

Pak Idrus,
Thank you for the link.I'm both flattered and at the same time disappointed..disappointed cause im yet to have my firstposting.Those images you posted,they're beautiful.but we could'nt get those images at K.Terengganu this time of the year.Its raining downhere.'hujang kejor orang tua'as described by AGoneng.I don't know that you're a skill photographer yourself. Bye and take care. Oh that 'Semalam di Malaya'really make my day.

Pak Idrus said...

changgeh, thanks for the visit and the kind words, especially so on my photography, yes it is one of my hobby. The images was taken with an 8 megapixel digital camera, thus I could enlarged. For ordinary posting a 2 megapixel would do fine.

Well, I know of the weather now at your place, I grew up in Kuantan in the forties. It was fun then when 'bah' the flood arrived.

Well, just snap the rain and give us some story of the 'monsoon' period on the east coast.

Glad that you like 'Semalam di Malaya' Most of those Malaysian overseas listen to this song to remind them of beautiful Malaysia.

Have a nice day.

Zawi said...

pak idrus,
Is it the same sun that I saw setting at Kuta Beach Bali? The one in your pictures seem better. So all of you dont have to go far to enjoy great sunsets. Pak idrus has proven it.
Thanks for the wonderful pics.

NJ said...

Salam Pak Idrus,

Thank you for snapping and sharing these lovely sunset photos. True, we seem to take these simple life treasures for granted. We sometimes do not realise how special some things are, until we lose them.

Have a nice weekend to Pak and Mak Idrus :D

Pak Idrus said...

zawi, I believe it is the same sun. It is the only one we have got. It just take a moment to enjoy its presence.

Like you when my spouse and me were in Kuta, Bali, we were taken to have a great dinner by the sea and watch the sunset. It is the same sun but a different setting. We did enjoy the occasion. Now in Malacca we get to enjoy it whenever we are there.

BTW love to see the sunrise from the Golden Sand. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

nj, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this posting. I am indeed glad that you enjoyed the images.

Life is to be enjoyed. It just take a moment of your time and imagination to be able to enjoy what we have got. It is the small things in life that makes it so very wonderful.

BTW the Nenek is Asmah,the wonderful lady of my life.

A great weekend to you too. Have a nice day and take care.

Akmal said...

Pak Idrus,
Nice pics. I bet you are quite skillful with your gadget(",).
I made photography a hobby too. Still learning about the camera and stuffs through these blogs

just to make add-ups from what I learnt in class.Sun is a star that can do nuclear reaction called as fusion, which humans are still wondering how to do that and apply it as a safe energy source, instead of the conventional fission reaction that produces many kind radioactives. Who knows what can we achieve in the future(",).
Good day(",).

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Pak Idrus,

I agree with the rest what beautiful images of the sun.

I have a Swiss friend who in his hey days used to tarvel the world. He stayed in Malaysia, Malacca infact for a year or so doing odd jobs just to experience the place. He told me if one was to be so poor the best place to be would be Malaysia! I asked him why?

He said firstly it is hot, so no worries about heating bills.

Secondly food is cheap and plentiful.

Thirdly, people here are basically kind.

How's that, genuine testimonials from a foreigner? Great to know kan? Thanks for sharing your thoughts of yet again being appreciative of what we have.

Pak Idrus said...

akmal, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of my posting.

Indeed more R & D on the resources for our Energy need. Your generation from this part of the world must takes the challenges to do research instead of just relying on the west. Surely there are other ways of harnessing the energy from the sun like the plants do. As of now it is the plants that convert the sun's energy and pass it on to the other species including us, in order for us to survived on this planet.

As for photography I am learning it day by day and enjoy doing it. Thanks for the info about photography. Have a nice day and take care.

Pak Idrus said...

ruby, thanks for the visit, the kind words and sharing your thoughts on this subject. Your Swiss friend is right all the ways. Yes we have a beautiful country to live and enjoy life.

Living in the tropic relatively is cheap and easy. Unlike in the temperate zone, during the winter you need to heat your home and put on heavy clothing to survive. When I was living in Boston, in winter I had to dress up just to throw the trash. In our country you could live easy with simple clothing and a modest home.

It is best that we appreciate what we have got and not to fret about it. Go on enjoying life and share the goodness with others too. Have a nice day.

Mior Azhar said...

Pak Idrus,
Nice pix lar pak. Kena dengan lagu. Very nostalgic.
Anyway, I received this in my comment box. Just in case you are interested:

Bloggers Tea Session with Kak Teh and Awang Goneng as follows .

Date : Sunday 9 Dec 2007
Time : 4.00 PM
Venue : Kinokuniya Bookstore, Coffee Shop @ KLCC

We could get our copies signed then.

Pak Idrus said...

mior, thanks for the visit, the kind words as well as the info. Have a nice day and take care.

jaflam said...

Pak Idrus, it’s the same Sun that I used to take the altitudes using sextant every morning and noon to fix the ship positions when in the open sea all over the seven oceans. Amazing God created the Sun to give its creations light & energy and water to make them alive and living. My traveled by sea to all parts of the world only made me closer to God and its mighty power.... and how small and naieve we are in comparison.

I have arranged for a Bloggers Tea Session with Kak Teh and Awang Goneng as follows .

Date : Sunday 9 Dec 2007
Time : 4.00 PM
Venue : Kinokuniya Bookstore, Coffee Shop @ KLCC

You are cordially invited to the session.

Regards : Jaflam + Kak Teh

P/s your background song is our theme song everytime we hit home port after sailing for a few months .... there is no better and sweeter place then home.

Pak Idrus said...

jaflam, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of my posting.

Indeed with your thoughts it add color to the already colorful subject, our Sun. Sharing knowledge which are so valuable to the present generation. Otherwise the society would be forever naive. Like you said, travel makes you open up your mind and learn as we journey on in life.

Thanks for the invitation re the AG.

BTW I did not see how young are U. Have a nice day.

Dhahran Sea said...

Thanks Pak Idrus for sharing the beautiful photos. Of course we take it for granted, the sun I mean,.. I remember the 1997 haze in KL when we could hardly see the sun for weeks. Take care & salam.

Pak Idrus said...

dhahran sea, thanks for the visit, the kind words as well as sharing your thoughts on this posting.

I am indeed glad that you enjoy the images. It is a fantastic ball of energy that gave us so much.

Hope that you are in the best of health there in the desert and are having a great time as well. Take care.

Rita Ho said...

That is a beautiful sequence of photos, Pak Idrus. How long was the sunset? Did you feel like you were watching a video of it from your balcony? Seattle has some amazing sunsets as well but they occur over a longer duration, at least half hour, sometimes longer. I was dining at a beach restaurant in Langkawi earlier this year and watch one of the most fascinating sunset. It happened in several minutes, and was like watching a movie being played.

Thanks for sharing your pictures and the reminder on the importance of appreciating nature and its blessings. Have a lovely Sunday, Pak Idrus.

Anonymous said...

Hello from the USA,

Sometime ago I bookmarked an article in The Star titled "Never Too Old" about bloggers in Malaysia.
This is one of those long cold winter nights here in the Pacific Northwest, and I was revisiting some of the bookmarks I had collected just for such a time.
I looked at your blog and was delighted because I have been thinking of expanding my contacts in Malaysia.
I have a strong interest in Malaysia, which I have been visiting frequently since 1985. I have several friends there but I have been interested in communicating with seniors (I am a senior) via the internet.
Your blog is like what I have been thinking of, so I am glad I have found it. I read other Malaysian blogs, and while I am keenly interested in politics, most of them have become too shrill in tone for my taste, so your photos of the sunset and the pleasant topics of your recent posts have struck a responsive chord in me.


Pak Idrus said...

rita, thanks for the visit and the kind words on my posting of the Sun. As well sharing your thought on the sun at your place.

Well, on that day I stood there and watch the sun set. I am not sure how long. I think it is about fifteen minutes. I was mesmerized with the setting sun that evening and enjoyed every minutes of that glorious sun.

I believe it is the same sun in Seattle, langkawi, Bali and everywhere. At least the sun comes to us everyday without fail. It does not matter where you live, you still enjoy the same sun.

Have a nice day. BTW how is that lovely leg. Take care.

Pak Idrus said...

Louis from the USA, thanks for the visit and the kind words. As well sharing your thought on blogging and the blogging world.

We live in an island call earth and we all should take care of it together and share so that we may continue to enjoy life on this blue planet of ours.

I am happy to note that you visit Malaysia regularly and hope that on your next visit we could meet for lunch or coffee. I live not that far from the KLCC, so the next time you are here do keep in touch. In the meantime let communicate via the email. My email address is at my blog. I shall give you my cell phone number in due course.

I enjoy blogging and write my thoughts the way I know best and indeed glad that you enjoyed my posting. Have a nice day and take care.

Anonymous said...

From the USA.

Certainly it's the same sun in KL, Langkawi and Seattle, but most of us here in Seattle at this time of year would unhesitatingly trade our sun for yours, since ours gives no heat at this season. That's probably hard for someone in the Tropics to believe, but I assure you that even if it is visible (which it often isn't here at this time), you don't feel the sun.
As Rita Ho observed in her comment, Seattle sunsets sometimes last a long time, but that's in the summer, when there can be daylight till almost 10:00p. In the winter sunset can be as early as 4:00p.

Pak Idrus said...

Louis, thanks for the return visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of our Sun.

Well, one thing that we have in common is that we see the same sun everywhere we live. And for us in the tropic, how we wish that we get snow as well. But that would be impossible, so we all have to appreciate of what we got and enjoy it.

Have a nice day.

Rita Ho said...

Pak Idrus ... my foot is healing slowly but surely. Thank you for asking. :)

I need to elevate it above my heart all the time which basically means lying on my back. A miserable thing to have to do when the sun is shining bright and long in summer but not too bad in these short winter days as Louis mentioned.

Enjoy the weekend, Pak Idrus.

Pak Idrus said...

rita, thanks for the visit and the greeting. I am indeed glad that you are getting well. So do take this opportunity to reflect on the past achievements and enjoy the winter. We did not get that chance to enjoy the snow here. So do makes hays when the sun shine.

BTW Ruby in person is simply gorgeous. Photography did not do justice to her. Take care.