Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yet another great evening...

Like everything in life sometimes things just happen. While coming back from Malacca on Sunday my spouse told me that we had been invited to dinner at a friend's home tomorrow evening [Monday]. So come Monday evening with another couple we went to the host's house at Jalan Maktab. It was raining and I took my time to drive by taking the elevated highway, got into Jalan Tun Razak and then right turn into Jalan Semarak formerly known as Jalan Gurney. This road was formerly named after the British Sir Henry Gurney, one of the last High Commissioner that was in charge of Malaya before independence. [Jalan mean Road]

Just before the Kuala Lumpur campus of University of Technology Malaysia we turn right and took the Jalan Maktab. UTM is one of the oldest university in the country. Before that it was the Technical College, an institute set up by the then British colonial government to train technical personal. After independence the college was upgraded to a university. A new main campus was built in Johor Bahru and the present campus in KL was left as just part of the University.

After a while of searching we found the house and there the couple was waiting for us. Together with them is an English lady who came for a holiday here. This English lady was living in Malaysia some thirty years ago and had been their neighbour. We got in and took our places at the living area, a rather cosy part of the bungalow. In the meantime the ladies took to the kitchen and makes themselves busy as usual at this part of the domain. Three of us, the men sat down and chat on various subjects and joke about old times.

Soon we were told that dinner is ready and we all then took our places at the dinner table and enjoy the spreads of western food, which I believe is the idea of the English lady guest. Well, we chat over that dinner on various subjects that just came to our mind and did enjoy the simple dinner. Then after the dinner and the tit bit that came with it, we move to the lounge and sat to continue with our little chat. As usual time passes fast when we are in such a situation. Before we realised it was past midnight. We then decide to call off the evening with a great thanks to our host. Image above is the gang at the dinner table. Have a nice day.

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Sdr Idrus:

Thanks for the Arad, I am honoured.
I respond on May 3 to mark world Press Freedom Day with a poetic outing -- to thy honour2, Howsy's 3!

Chewers, till we meet May 19, Chow!