Friday, April 06, 2007

National Alliance of Bloggers...

Well, it look like things are moving fast indeed. Yesterday April 5, 2005 a group of Malaysian Bloggers set to form the first ever association for Malaysian bloggers. An institution in the making. A very important one indeed. After the Press Club, the National Alliance of Bloggers is an institution to watch. The formation of this club is indeed a historic event for Negaraku Malaysia. A pro-tem committee was set up to deal with the constitution and other factors for the registration of the association. Congratulation to Rocky and the gang for getting this off the ground. Read more on this, here and here. Have a nice day. [Image above with kind permission of Jeffooi of Screenshots]


Rockybru said...

Pak Idrus,
Pleasure to meet you the other day at KLCC. Remember I told you about a bloggers' discussion/forum on Tun Dr Ismail's book? It's happening soon. It would be an honour to have you there. There'll be quite a few young bloggers and I think it'd be good to let them hear from the wiser ones.
I will need your phone no again to get in touch with you. Pleas sms me yr no at 019 2268978 (don't worry about publishing this no, it's mostly for receiving txt messages. I will call you from my 017 once i get your no.)

And thank you for the confidence in the All-Blogs.

Pak Idrus said...

Rocky, thanks for the visit and the kind comments. Would get in touch. Have a nice day.