Thursday, April 12, 2007

Giving from the hearts...

Reading this blog Pi's TWIST bring the feeling of sadness to me and at the same time proud and happy that there are someone out there who would sacrifice times and resources for others. When I retired and enjoying the days in my golden age I told myself that it is the time of giving and from that moment onward I gave whatever I could including my thoughts via blogging. I am happy that there are others out there doing just that even before they retired. There are hopes after all for our species in this challenging world of ours.

This lady is yet another one of a kind, a rare one, for not many would do what she is doing. To do such service to the community you must have the kindness in your heart. Tireless and not asking anything in return except the sastification of been able to help others. The love of helping another being move forward is such a moving stories. It is this kind of person that bring back humanity to our species which sad to say, are totally missing from some. Like that Melayu Jadi as mentioned in this blog. Reading that comment from that Melayu Jati I get extremely mad and at the same time felt for the good hearted work of that lady Daphne. Who with her heart help that unfortunate kid. For just doing that she got that email from that evil person Melayu Jati. To blogger Daphne Ling you are indeed someone special with a heart of gold. How could such a person write such a disgusting letter to you is beyond my understanding, except to accept for a fact that the person is an evil person.

I have always says that evil are everywhere and in disguises in every means and ways and this time in the name of a race Melayu Jati. What an insult to the race. This person obviously is a very sick person and indeed an evil one. On the other hand we have that Malay lady whose blog that I had mentioned above, whose heart of gold makes her do the work of volunteering that not many would do. This is what goodness is all about. The giving and helping without asking for even a thank you.

Well friends that is life. Let us do all the goodness that we could so that others may be able to enjoy life as well. And we in return get that feeling of goodness as well. Have a nice day.


Rox said...

As part of the media circus, I've gone everywhere and done and seen everything. I've met VIPs with every good intention but they never leave any sort of lasting impression on me as I know it's part of their image-building campaign, so you may say I'm very hard to impress.
However, one thing that has NEVER failed to impress me are, surprisingly, ordinary folks with big hearts.
Apart from my teacher Ms Lee when I was at school, one unforgettable example is the conductor who bought me coffee and a train ticket to my destination when I discovered that my handbag was missing.
I got his address and returned his loan (with extra for gratefulness) by mail although he insisted that I didn't because receiving money from a strange woman would make his wife jealous!
People with small means but big hearts and are willing to help someone in need and expecting nothing in return are people who can melt my cynicism. It's really life-assuring to know that such people really do exist. Yes, there's hope for us all.

Pak Idrus said...

Roxanne, thanks for the visit. You do really have a forceful thoughts and down to earth view of the reality of our world. I wished that I had that command of the English language. You are really great. I shall continue to read your posting. Have a nice day and take care.