Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A friend...

I told him today that I am going to write about him when I am back at home. So here I am writing about this episode of my life. Let me start like this. I frequent a local supermarket at the Ampang Point Mall. Things at this supermarket are cheap compare to the other retail shops nearby. Since I have plenty of time to waste, I would visit this supermarket as often as I like whenever I am at the vicinity of the Mall. Been a frequent visitor I began to get to know most of the staff at this store. And among them I thought I would write about is this character that I often stop to chat. An interesting character indeed.

He was once in the Malaysian Navy. He left the navy and now work as a House Detective at the supermarket chain. So how do I get to know this stranger who work at the supermarket. Well being me it is not that difficult. It all start when I somehow got to talking to this man who seem to be everywhere doing his job in the supermarket. As usual with me he soon became a friend that often greet me whenever I am at the store buying things. I joke that been a sailor he must have cousin at all port of call. He just laugh it off with a smile. He live at one of the suburban area of Kuala Lumpur to the north of the city and travel up and down to get to work at this retail store.

Been a seasoned man he always have plenty of stories to tell whenever we met, like this morning. I believe he is rather bore with the routine of his work at the store so meeting me is a welcome sign to him for he could just break away from the monotony of his ritual. Been me I love to chat on any subjects that came to my mind. Usually after I had paid for the goods and just outside where he often stand guarding, doing his job of supervising the customers, at the same time looking for those who would break the law. With whatever time he had we would chat. And when he had to attend to his official business, the chat would end abruptly. But sometime I would excuse myself to get going with other errant that I had to do on that day. Another reason that I had to leave abruptly is that the parking fee at the basement is rather high, so if I park my car at the basement I would not spend times leisurely at the supermarket and chat. But if I park outside at the metered parking space which is cheap I would normally takes my times and chat with this friend of mine.

He is always seem happy to greet me and when the time permit he would come over to chat even when I am in the process of pushing my trolley looking for things to fill the cart at the supermarket. Well to me he is indeed a good person to know and befriend. And I am glad that I have made this man my friend. Well friends, that is life, let share it with others, so that we may enriched our lives as well. Have a nice day.

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