Thursday, April 26, 2007

The rain....

Wake up to a wet Thursday morning. It had been raining since last night...Yes!!!, Rain. That source of life. Pouring water endlessly to our good earth. Making the largest species on our planet joy with happiness, for it is water that provides the input for growth. It nurtured the ground and activate the growth of young plants. Just look at the freshness that rain brought. Indeed it is so refreshing to wake up on such a morning.

Ever since I first got to touch the dripping of the rain, I have always love rain. Born and grew up on the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia where it would rains cats and dogs during the monsoon period, playing in the rains has been part of my growing up culture.

In those days where we do not had the luxury of umbrella, we would use large Yam leaves to act as a cover to get to school on a cold rainy morning. It was real fun then holding the large Yam leaves and walking in the rain to school. But then it was those days!!. Great and lovely days, that I still remember with fondness. Indeed a nostalgic past. We would just play in the rain and enjoy ourselves without getting sick. Actually care less of the world around us. The fun of the kid's world that only kids knows best. It was fun when the rain comes.

Now even at this age when it rain I would sit at the patio of my house and watch the rain. I could smell the rain and the freshness that comes with it. I have tried to catch the glitter of the rain drops with my camera but its has not been really that successful as yet. The above images are the best I got so far in trying to snap the images of rain as it pour down with that pattering sound . I am sharing these images with all. As much as I had enjoyed taking these images, I hope that others would enjoy it as well. Have a nice day.


Hi&Lo said...

Pak Idrus,

Thank you for inspiring childlike joy in the simple things in life.

After a shower, the earth renews itself. You take time to smell the sweet smell of nature. This is real living.

May your years be filled with the simple joy of the little things in life.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Idrus
It was indeed a good day for a lie-in. Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity to do so. Unlike government servants who were give the day off from work in conjunction with the installation ceremony of the Agong, we had to go to work.
If I had stayed in, I would have stayed in bed the whole day, with some books to read, hot tea and chocolates. Heavens!

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pak Idrus,

I love the rain when I'm home not when I'm on the road (arrghh...traffic jams).

I'm most intrigued with the use of large yam leaves as cover from the rain. Wow! We do take things for granted with our convenience these days don't we? But I kinda think it's fun playing with them leaves in the rain.

I must say, like what Hi&Lo said you know how to live well. It is these small thankfullness that make our life fulfilling. Thank you for showing the way as to how to appreciate simple joys.

anasalwa said...

It's about 4.15 Thursday evening here. The rain hasn't stopped since this morning.

Pak Idrus said...

Hi everyone, Thanks for the visit, the kind words and thoughtful comments.

Hi&Lo - It is the small things that, like a recipe, miss one you do not have a complete end products. Life should be simple and to be enjoyed.

Fauziah - There would surely be other days for you to day dreams or just flirt in your mind and enjoy life.

Ruby, I live in an era gone by where everything around the house became useful items when in times of needs and of course the Rain. These are some aspects of life that made a wonderful childhood. It is the input that you had in the early years that built the foundation of your life. To appreciate what nature had to offer and journey on to enjoy life. That Yam leaves was part of my life. A wonderful life indeed.

Ana, great to know that it rains cats and dogs in Boston as well.

Friends, Have a nice day and take care.

Anonymous said...
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Roxanne said...

Your joy of life is very infectious! When I was a child I loved jumping into puddles of rain water. Of course, my mother wasn't very pleased when she saw me covered in mud ... One regret in my life is I never knew my grandfathers. Your grandchildren are very lucky and I hope they know that.

Pak Idrus said...

roxanne, thanks for the visit and the comments. Childhood is one of the greatest period in our life. Care less about the world and enjoy. Like you I did not have the opportunity to know my grandpa [father side] but was fortunate to know the other grandpa [mother side]. I still could remember those wonderful moments. BTW we still have the kid in us now. Have a nice day.

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