Friday, April 20, 2007

Why Malaysian must blog...

Yes, it is about blogging in Malaysia. Can you tell me of a better place to share your thoughts with others or can you find any better ways of doing creative writing. To me other then writing a book or writing to the local Newspaper, there are no other ways. So blogging is the best and easiest way of doing creative writing and sharing your thoughts with the world. So I would suggest that as many Malaysian as possible blog. Right from the primary school children to the veterans like me should blog. In fact I would like to suggest that the Education Ministry should create a program to encourage our young to blog. It is in a way would help young Malaysian to be more creative. At the present time creative writing is so lacking in this country. Blogging among our young could be the beginning of a greater development for our literary world. Who knows maybe one of our young Malaysian could eventually be a great author of a great book in the not too distance future.

Another point that I would light to highlights is that blogging would help to create contents about Malaysia and its culture in the Internet. At present information about Malaysia are quite lacking in the Internet. Blogging could in a way provide more and more information about Malaysia in cyberspace. Remember blogger write almost in every subject under the sun, thus it expose Malaysians culture to the world. I notice that when someone do a search on any subjects, the result of that search could also be any of the Malaysian Blog. My own blog quite so often came out in search done by people all over the world. For that I am indeed happy that I could be of help to others in providing information they seek.

I have been blogging since September 2003 and love doing it. Not only that I blog but I do read other's blogs as well. Both the local and overseas blogs. In writing my thoughts I get to share it with others, at the same time get things out of my chest and activate my thinking cap, thus keep my thinking faculty active and healthy. At this age when I have plenty of time to use I do not want it to go to waste so blogging give me that space to makes quality times of my free times. Otherwise it would just go to waste. I write about every subjects that comes to mind and when there is a sort of a writer's block, I just post some images that would tell the stories by itself, like the saying Photograph says a thousand words.

I am going to sixty eight this year, come 17 August I would be that age. Still in the sixty plus, I am enjoying every minutes of this part of my life and hopes that my thoughts that I posted in my blog would in a way be of some use to the readers. A blogger who had visited my blog decided to give me an award called the "Thinking Blogger Award". It is indeed an honor and I thanks her for that. If my blog had been recognised then I think that the other blogger like Pok Ku, Pak Adid, Pak Desi, Pak Lias and Ana of Boston who always put on their thinking caps, should also be recognised as well. So to go along with this game I am extending this award to these blogger friends of mine. To Pok Ku, Pak Adib, Pak Desi , Pak Lias, [thoughts of folks in their golden years] and Ana of Boston, [a gem in faraway land] you all are been awarded with the "Thinking Blogger Award". Do read this blog [April 18 posting] for further direction.

Friends, Like I had often said before, giving is something that I love to do and that including my thoughts. It is the pleasure of giving, what's count. It shall always stay that way and to me to give is more important than getting other benefit from what I wrote. It is the satisfaction of getting my thoughts posted in my blog from time to time that really made my days. Just as much as I love to blog, I would also love to see more and more Malaysian blog. It would be great if more and more Malaysian put on their thinking cap and blog. For I truly believe that Thinking is better than believing. Have a nice day.


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pak Idrus,

I hopped from Fauziah's and am glad to have found your blog. I was intrigued with what you said in Fauziah's that, 'Think instead of Believing, we would be a greater nation'. Gosh, this is so true and it coming from a malay gentleman gives me back that ray of hope for our society!

We as a nation has been gagged with the kind of culture and social norms that 'kids or the young, could only well perhaps be seen but not heard'. Many other don'ts make us a weak race.

I agree we do not think that much these days as a society. Our current education system too do not support critical thinking with the punishing curriculum packed with all the unnecessary extra load of useless information but truly in general a system lacking encouragement for creativity and art of thinking.

Well, I do hear some cries from up above recently encouraging some changes in the education system..and about time at that and I hope (silly me to hope) it is sincere this time..hmm..

Take care and thank you for some air time here.

freethinker said...

With the current political climate, I doubt Education Ministry would go as far as to "encourage" students to blog.

I guess the mere suggestion would sound ironic to them for fear of a later "back-stab"..


Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Idrus
God’s greatest gift to man is the mind. The mind of a man has the ability to think, reflect, ponder and rationalize. This ability to think distinguishes him from all the animals on the face of the earth.
So, why aren't Malaysians using their cerebrum?
I'm blogging this shortly.
Have a good weekend.

desiderata said...

Dear mGf Idrus:

Thanks for "listing" DEsi -- main board ke?:)

I'll try to live UP to the honour -- see you and buddies on May 19!:):)

Pak Idrus said...

Friends blogger, thanks for the visit, the kind words and the comments.

Ruby - We are on the same wave length. Indeed a very well articulate thoughts.

Freethinker - We have to start somewhere to wake up those at the Education Ministry.

Fauziah, Just read your thoughts on Thinking. Indeed very well presented

Desi, Well see you at the party.have fun.

Hi&Lo said...

Pak Idrus,

I salute you for being so sporting to take up blogging and your generousity to share your thoughts and wisdom.

LiNaLaNi said...

salam pak idrus, blog hopping and ended up here.

a nice evocative piece..thanks for sharing your thoughts here :)

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Idrus
If my late father was still alive, I would want him to blog. Heck, I would probably start one for him so that he can share his experience, ideas and thoughts.
We can learn from each other. The old and the new.
That's what I look for when blog-hopping. I'm glad I found yours.
Have a good week ahead.

Pak Idrus said...

hi&lo, linalani, thanks for the visit and the kind words. Well at this age I thought that the best thing to do is to share my thoughts and perhaps some wisdom with the present generation, hoping that, in a small way it would part some knowledge that would be of use.

Fauziah, thanks for the second visit and the kind words. Indeed it would be useful if both generations could interact and discuss on subjects of common interest. Most blogger of my generation surely have experiences that worth sharing. That is one reason I blog.

Thanks again and have a nice day.

mutalib saifuddin said...

yes, i extremely agree with you pak idrus, where some people refer the blogs for their research. Even i did it as well.

Recently i was assigned by my lecturer to do some research on the NST newspaper, i had found an article from The Scribe A Kadir Jasin. I chose his blog because it seems that his blog are credible enough for my research, as most 'experienced' journalists think before they write. (What's more, he used to be with the NST before..).

And another thing Pak Idrus, I would say that I am so agree that the young generation should blog too, to cultivate them with creative writing ability, as to create more and more chef' d' oevure writers in the future.

The youngsters, too, had started blogging on their own "Friendster" and MySpace, and I found out that they are actually expressing what's in their mind, and what they think of something that they saw or experienced. I think that with blogging, they can express themselves better than using their own diary, as from time to time, most teenagers are disclosing themselves more and more.

Pak Idrus said...

mutalib, thanks for the visit and those comments. I am indeed glad that we think alike. For the country to continue to move forward in all fields especially in the accumulations of knowledge, we all have to do our parts. And blogging is one way of doing just that. Have a nice day.