Sunday, September 18, 2005

Lets concentrate on the economy..

I was just thinking aloud...Why must they talk so much about politic and religion...You switch on some of the TV channels and you hear talk about either politic or religion...I think personally I had enough of both...Come on.. We have been an independent nation for forty eight years already...I think all the talk about politic have gone too far, we are just wasting our resources and energy...So why not concentrate on the most important aspect of the country development...Economy, it is the economy that really make the country, It is commerce and trade that make the country prosperous...With that would come national unity and national harmony...It is the ingredient that what make the culture of the society.. The Malaysian society...For without economic developments, all the talk about politic and religion would not help to unite the society...It is economy that would do the job of uniting the Malaysian Society...Remember the two prong strategies of the NEP [National Economic Policy]...That just ended...It was to restructure society and to eradicate poverty...I believe we have done that and in a way been successful..The Malaysian society, of whatever race, have more money in their pockets now they ever before and now are more interested of improving their quality of life then get bogged down with politic and religion..So I would like to suggest that we put all our resources and energy toward achieving the economic objective of the country. A prosperous Malaysian would be able to enjoy living, thus would ensure peace and harmony at peace time and a great defense force at time of war...If the society are happy with the country, they would love the country and would surely work for the benefit of their motherland, no matter whoever they are...They would continue to be patriotic to their motherland... But if they are not happy, then it would indeed be a worrisome to the society at large...As a person who have live through from the day of the British rule and the beginning of an Independent Malaya and then Malaysia, I know for sure that we would succeed in our endeavors, if we play less politic and religion but instead concentrate of our common need, that is to live a comfortable lives together...Let religion be a personal issue and practice it well,so that we all have a balance life and with that a good citizen of the country...For now let us all focus on the economic aspect of development for I believe that with success we all would have more to enjoy living in this land of plenty...Malaysia.

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