Thursday, September 08, 2005

The crooked bridge..

This issue of building a bridge replacing the causeway at the Johor Bahru and Singapore crossing have been going on far too long and the project had been delayed unnecessarily... I felt that it should not be an issue any longer and that Malaysia should start building the bridge immediately...So I wrote a letter to the mainstream newspaper, the New Straits Times....And today a condensed version of my letter appear in the Letters to Editor's section of the newspaper... I thanks the Newspaper for putting this view, which I felt are also the views of most Malaysian..., in the newspaper today [ NST September 8, 2005 ]...The content of my whole letter is as below..

I refer to the building of a bridge across the straits of Tebrau to replace the Causeway….It should be done immediately but before that let take a pause…We should not be just building a bridge, just for the purpose of crossing from point A to B only…It should be more than that, we should change our mind set of the building of This Bridge, at our part of the straits…We should built a Monument not just a Bridge…we should look at a new concept of the linkage…an infrastructure so unique that not only would include a bridge but another amenities as well…like built a MRT from the boarder to JB, so that ordinary people could move fast from Singapore to JB and back, built a shopping arcades, a watching tower and other amenities…The design of the bridge could be crooked as suggested before, it does not matter…What we must do is that we must make it a monument of a sorts, like the Petronas twin towers or the KLCC in Kuala Lumpur…It is now a well renowned monument, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris…people from all over the world come to KL, just to be able to see the twin tower and be on it…The Petronas Twin Towers is the symbol of the nation in the capital of Kuala Lumpur…Let us built a bridge so unique that it befit the royal town of Johor Bahru, as the southern gateway to Malaysia, thus making this a landmark bridge/monument, a piece of architectural marvel that would make people come to see and enjoy and not just to cross to get to the other side only…Time has change, let our good neighbor do their side of the bridge, the way they like it….Let not waste our time…do it now and with a difference…Believe me if we do it right, it would be a sight that every visitors local or foreigners would want to see and with that making Johor Baharu a wonderful place to visit and enjoy living and shopping….

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