Monday, September 26, 2005

Blogging with wisdom....

This week many things happen in the blogging world in Malaysia...First there were those "good man" comments on a few blogs,this,this and this blogs, that could be seditious, a very serious offence in this country...And a few days ago this blog was hacked...In a week before there were some good articles in the local mainstream daily that talk about the effect of blogging to the society and today to top it all the Editorial of a mainstream newspaper the New Straits Times brought the subject of blogging to a new phase...As I had said before Blogging is a godsend tool to all of us who wanted to contributes our thoughts for others to read and perhaps in doing that we all contribute to the process of nation building, as well to the larger world, making it a great place to live and enjoy life..Well it look other then writing to the Newspaper, writing a book...Blogging gave us Malaysian a total new media that we never had before...A place to share our thoughts with others who surf the net...Both local and overseas...Use it with wisdom it would give us greater benefit then ever before..Since I start blogging some two years ago...I have always enjoy writing my thoughts and in that process get comments on the blogs itself and emails for one to one discussion, where more could be discuss further...In a country where we are bound by social contract between races, things could became offensives and seditious if it hurt one another, especially on subjects such as race, religion and the right of every citizen to live in peace and harmony as stipulated in the Malaysian Constitution...We are at peace and live in harmony now is because we all respect each others right and do not say things that are not nice to others...This might sound no freedom of speech...To me it is not...What is freedom if there are no peace and harmony in this country...We have all prosper well beyond the dream of our founder,just because we all are sensible enough to know what is right and what is wrong to say...We have develop our own way of talking about the freedom of speech and we are all doing fine and are happy with it as for now...Thing are changing with the coming of the internet and today with blogging...We have the choice to share our thoughts on our common interest and at the same time give us that freedom to express ourselves, so that things do not get bottled up and explode some time later, that would cause greater harm to ourselves, the society and the country at large....I have always told Malaysian that we are a very young country, just forty eight years old and a democratic country...Democracy does not give us a blank check to do what we like...For doing just that might destroy democracy itself...We have to give time to develop the democratic culture...And in the history of a country, forty eight years is indeed a very short period in history...So to Malaysian do take this into consideration and proceed on we caution and learn as we go...So that we may continue to prosper and enjoy living in this country that we share...Malaysia...Do blog with wisdom..

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