Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Chinese primary school...

I came across this article in the Chinese Newspaper.. The e.sinchew-i.com, it is about the Chinese Primary School in Malaysia.. Read on... Why Did They Choose Chinese Primary Schools?....It is indeed an interesting article to ponder and discuss, for the benefit of the future generation of Malaysian...


Wan Ray said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Idrus,
The issues about the Chinese school are always the hotly debated issues, whatever issues it may be. The articles that you pointed to, doesn't really tells me the real issue why the chinese choose the chinese schools. I do not think that it is just about the "passing down the cultural heritage". I wish the author would deliberate more on this "cultural heritage".

Again, that's my point of view. I believe that there is something good about the chinese school that attracted a lot of attention these days.

To me, if there is one islamic-chinese school, I wouldn't mind sending my kids there.


Liz said...

Dear Pak Idrus,

It is indeed an interesting article. But like Wan Ray is saying the author have not state very clearly why the choose Chinese School. Was it because they are better run than the national school, was it because they taught good values in life or what. It is not really clear, I agree.

However in my opinion, the reason why my sister is sending her daughter to a chinese school is because she wants her to muster the language. Knowing chinese will give better employment in chinese base organisation and an opportunity to go for business in China too.

I guess that were the main reasons why. Not that they are teaching better values or they are better run than the national school.

Pak Idrus said...

Wan ray, liza, thanks, it is lucky the we all understood English, we could read this newspaper article..Had it not been, We, the Malay especially would be lost..how interesting if we all know Mandarin, like the other Malaysian know Bahasa Melayu...Because the other Malaysian know Bahasa Melayu, they understood the Malay psyche but the Malay being ignorant of the other Malaysian language especially Mandarin, well we the Malay are missing a lots, including understanding their psyche...so that is why in my writing I have always ask the Malay to learn Mandarin and English, for these two languages are language of knowledge, whereas Bahasa Melayu in Malaysia is still in it infancy, just a communicative language..so if we the Malay want to progress as fast as the other Malaysian we must learn Mandarin and of course English..Now the non Malay Malaysian know more then one languages but the Malay except for the progress minded one knows only Bahasa Melayu...What a lost to the race...Now that the government have include Mandarin in the Sekolah Kebangsaan [national school] the Malay should grasps this opportunity to learn this important language, Mandarin... Liza, I am glad that your sister decided to send their children to Chinese School,they made a wise decision indeed...There are more to gain in doing just that... I believe the reason the Chinese choose the Chinese School is because the student are better equip to face the real world especially commerce and trade, the other reason being that the Sekolah Kebangsaan is now no longer Sekolah Kebangsaan but instead a Sekolah Melayu with it own peculiar culture; realizing this the authority is trying to revert it to its former status as the National School.....take care.

Rayhana said...

Assalaamu'alaykum pak idrus,

i must say, i digress on the issue that chinese schools are better. in my personal opinion, i think non-chinese send their children to chinese schools so that they can learn the language. to say that they have better values, etc... i don't think this is true.

i have a sister who was the only one in our family who attended a chinese primary school and yes, she has the advantage of the language, but other than that... umm.. well, let's say, those who go to chinese schools, somehow come out with a different viewpoint of life, and basically, just different. hmm.. i think i am talking in circles but it could proof sensitive to some parties.

what i say is best is to send one's children to a normal kebangsaan school, and then send them for mandarin classes, or when they have bahasa ibunda as a subject at school.