Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina... A Divine Message!!.....

Hurricane Katrina has done her job... Let us take a pause and think hard of this happening and why America did not act like it should. It is the most powerful and riches country in the world..A suppose to be very efficient and managed like clockwork..Why! Why! What happen to its leaderships at the time of this happening in New Orleans.....Mother nature was very generous in that it gave ample warning time before it attack America this time....Unlike the September Eleven happening that came without a warning, or was it!, this time the facts and data were all there for everyone to digest, years before and yet with the ample warning that mother nature gave, no action was taken to avoid the attack or at least prepare for the attack. And plan A, B, or C would and could have been ready for action in case the onslaught of mother nature do happen...But then when it did happen, Hurricane Katrina bashed that part of America with all her might, angry that all her warning were not making anyone in the leaderships of America to wake up and listen to the reality of its force...It is now not the fault of Katrina...It gave generous warning and no one care...America was indeed sleeping despite the September Eleven happening...And than it happen...Suddenly a part of prosperous America, a first world country became a third world in a blink of the eyes, instantaneously transform the effected areas into a third world..In fact worse then a third world. There were completely chaos and anarchy, which never happen in any third world country whenever such disaster happen..The images on the TV shock us, my daughter who was watching BBC shout...It look like a third world country with the victim all black...Is this for real...Than we are start to watch both channels CNN and BBC...Something are definitely wrong, where are the White...Or are the images a wrong one....Surely it could not be.. It is the BBC and CNN...We watch in horror when as days goes no one come to help...Lawlessness turn to anarchy and people were soon without foods and water, the basic that they need to survived....This happening is in America and it look like another world altogether, people all black, like some places in Africa out of home, out of foods and water..I am sure there are White, Hispanic and Asian out there but not seen on the TV....Trying to escape the onslaughts of the hurricane..There was total disorder and indeed a very sad scene to watch, people of all walk of life, mostly black were helpless, in total disarray and miserable..You want to cry...Where is humanity at this moment in time, in a country call America...No help seem to be coming...The mayor of New Orleans was shouting on the top of his voice for help and help still did not come and soon it create anarchy...I just do not understand why the leaderships of America did not act fast enough...Or are they would only act if the attack had come from an enemy from one of our own species and just take its easy when Mother nature did the job...What were the leaderships thinking at that moment in time...It would be real interesting to know....Well America, I have live in your country and love it and I know for sure you all are great people but Why must this happen...Could this be a reminder from the Creator...A sorts of a Divine Message to the good people of America to wake up and face reality....Take care.


Anonymous said...

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Pak Idrus said...

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Liz said...

Pak Idrus,

The reason why there were too many black people was because they were the poor ones without money and transportation to go anywhere else. The whites are obviously more resourceful and prosperous, so therefore leaving behind the poorest blacks, maybe a few elderly whites and a minority of the stubborn ones behind.

Most disappointing is the fact that Bush Administration fail to come to their aid soon enough or even more detail don't do anything urgent enough to fix the damned levees. What was shown last night was only one single crane doing the dirty job to the tears of a lady, a senator or something on the BBC.

petunia said...

Your blog is interesting. I wondered what people from other countries were getting from all the reports. I will say - it did take too long to get out the people at the Dome but i think the problem was that was never meant to be a place for people to be for any length of time. That was a place for people to go to wait out the storm then they would go back to their homes. No one believed that the storm would be that bad or that the city would be flooded. No one had any idea what to do with that many people - you have to have a place to go with them once you start moving them - they have to be fed, sheltered etc. I think too - no one knew how many people stayed in the city. Everone was told to leave - no one thought that many people stayed. I realized they didn't have anyplace to go - but....what were they thinking. Some people are shooting at people trying to help them, they are refusing to leave even now. What do you do? They started to send in trucks and helecopters by the third day and people were shooting at them. I tell you, this is like a crazy movie. The reason that most of the people are black is because it was mostly the black people that did not leave. They are poor but many poor people left - the white, hispanic and asian people left. I just think the govt. all got caught with their "pants down" and no one knew what to do with this big of a catostrophic disaster.
Remember thought - CNN and BBC are showing all the abd stuff - because that's news. There have been wonderful things happening from the beginning - wonderful people and groups helping but unfortunately - that's not news....

thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh... you have so many good questions. I should probably think about this for a while, maybe post it on my own blog because I have so much to say but the moment is now so I'll go ahead and say what's on my mind.

First of all, don't trust everything you hear or see on TV. Most of it's true but they don't tell you everything and a lot of it is just someone's opinion anyway.

There were a few shootings but it's not as bad as they say on the news. What they don't say is that even in the best of times there is crime in New Orleans, just like in most cities.

Who's to blame? If we have to blame someone there is enough blame to go around. The federal government was too slow but the first response is supposed to come from the local governments. I can understand why the mayor of New Orleans is upset. He's just lost his city; who wouldn't be upset but he is responsible. He could have done more to prepare. He could have used the school busses to evacuate people who did not have cars. Many of the people who were evacuated were taken to Houston and Houston was ready because they ALWAYS keep emergency supplies in the Astrodome in case there is a hurricane on the Texas coast. The federal government didn't tell them to do that; they just do. They're prepared. It is the responsibility of each city to be prepared and then it is the responsibility of the federal government to come in when the cities and states ASK for extra help.

Why didn't people leave? Hurricanes happen all the time on the south and southeast coasts. Most of the time they are not a huge disaster. People are in denial, they think "it was okay last time so it'll be okay this time." That's one reason. A lot of people really couldn't leave and someone should have helped them.

Why are all the people you see on TV black? 70 percent of the population of New Orleans is black. They're not all poor but some are. I did see some white people too. Why didn't anyone help them get out of the city? I don't know. I believe we Americans are mostly good people but sometimes we don't pay attention. It takes a tragedy to bring out our good side. That's sad because I do believe there's a lot of good in us. We will wake up for a while but then we will go back to sleep again, just like always.

Pak Idrus said...

Liza, pitypat, lynn s, thanks for sharing your thoughts..have a nice day.