Monday, February 28, 2005

It is the last day of February two zero zero five..It is a Monday...A beautiful day..With some five hours of rain early Sunday morning the haze has gone, making the skyline better then yesterday, blue sky and patch of snow white clouds..Just a day ago I could not see the twin tower of the KLCC as clear from my patio, but today it is like the postcard view, panoramic and great to look at again, but then this haze would surely be around from time to time during the period of the year...Well we all have to live with it since we are the one who created the haze in the first place..When I was growing up on the East Coast in the forties, when the weather look hazy, it is mist and it is cool an welcoming. We would sometime have to wear warm clothing in the morning or the evening but now the mist is missing except near the highland and instead we have haze which consist of dirt particles and not drop of water or dew which makes the mist....

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