Sunday, February 13, 2005

A group was discussing the paper by Professor Ziauddin Sardar over the internet..The title of the paper is ' Rethinking Islam' and I was approach to get in the discussion group and since they are already on a discussion level, I took the time to look for the original paper on the internet...Found it and printed a copy to start reading...I found that this paper contain material that is worth discussing and I felt that others should get to this paper and read it, so that subject of such important be exposed to as many people as possible...Professor Ziauddin Sardar is a well know person in the Moslem world and one of the great thinker of Islam in our time ....After listening to his talk on our local TV some years ago and read his book, I found that his thoughts are a great contributions not only to the Islamic world, but to the world at large as well...As such I would like to urge others to read this paper of his.....Rethinking Islam

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