Saturday, September 25, 2004

We love entertaining friends, it is one of those things that we love to do from time to time, and enjoy doing that ever since, so last evening we invited some friends, two couples that we know to have dinner at our place....I told them that I would be doing the cooking and that it would be something special....One thing that I know well that my spouse is a real good cook and together we planned to organized a simple dinner and entertain our guests with something special and as usual I would help her to do the cooking .. When inviting our friends, I told them that we would have a sorts of a simple dinner, not the usual kind but something different....Actually I was just trying to find a excuse for a get together among old friends, to chat, yarn, just for the fun of it all... We folks are still full of energy to enjoy life, so a small gathering among old friends around a dinner table makes a wonderful evening...The invitation was for eight in the evening...So after all had been prepared, I start with grilling the lamb, the way I always like to do, the chicken was to be lightly deep fried so that it would be just right and tasty as ever....So just after seven we start to do the grilling and by eight everything had been organized...The last item being the French loaf cut to pieces and spread with garlic butter were place on the small oven to bake just right, so that it could be eaten still hot.....Since the dinner was among friends, there were no protocol and it makes thing simple....And just before eight they arrived, we welcome them and sat to chat while getting things ready for our get together dinner.... We had prepared something different, sorts of a western dinner and non of those traditional foods......There were grilled lamb, lightly deep friend chicken and the special chicken wings. And salads to go....So we all sat at the dining tables and enjoy the dinner while we chat along, everyone seem to enjoyed the food and I am pleased that it is so...For my real concerned was that the foods would be enjoyed...We continue to eat and chat along, many subjects that came to our mind at that time, including stories of old times in our youth, it was nostalgic and some events tickles us and everyone laugh their heart out.... One of our guests is a former QS and the other an Engineer, who were trained in the UK in the sixties.... The few that had to opportunity to further their education in foreign land and came back to their homeland to give their service, thus had contributed to the development of the beloved country, Malaysia.....The retired engineer love western food and I believe he is really going to enjoy the spread tonight...And when he saw the spread he was delighted..We talk about old times in the government services and then later on their own trying to make a living, where along the way, like any journey it was never smooth, with hiccup from time to time, but eventually everything went right and now be able to retired in peace and harmony and continue to enjoy life..... I use to tell the youth of today that they must continue to work diligently, smart and with sincerity and take everything or events that comes along as just a part of life and not to fret but instead take it in strike and continue on using past gain or failure as an asset rather then a liabilities.... By doing so would makes one face the world with confidence and would eventually succeed in life, just like us who had been on that road before....Life is like that and remember it is a journey of adventure and in every adventure, the are pot holes on the way....And it is this small events that unexpectedly happened on the way that makes the journey an adventure...... Well time passes and we continue to chat and then after the main course end, we served them with fruits, varieties of it, some like the curtard apples are fruits that are quite rare, thus some of my friends had not really taste it before , they tried and enjoyed it... Then we had coffee just brewed and of course there are the odd one that preferred tea instead of coffee, but me nothing like a good cup of coffee after a hearty dinner.....It is the taste of coffee the makes the dinner a complete one...... We continue to yarn and then one of our guest told his charming wife that it is already twelve....And she replied... Are you one of those character in the story of the Cinderella..... The Mrs like all ladies do were exchanging notes as well and enjoy each other company, with us man intrude from time to time to get included in their chat....Her husband smiled and continue to chat and then He says that we all should call the night off since it is already pass twelve....See how times flies, when you are really in the mid of enjoying the evening.....With that we end the great evening get together, with everyone in a sorts of festive mood.....Happy with the evening and to us the host it was indeed a really a happy moment, for like our guests we really did enjoyed the evening....We bid good night, happy that everything went right tonight.....What an evening..... We would plan another event some other time.......God willing.....Thanks my friend for making our life so wonderful.....Have a nice day.

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