Monday, September 06, 2004

Another great day...Monday,the Six of September ...I went out as usual to pay those bills that does not seem to stop comings....Well that is life in this modern world of ours....We keep spending and we keep paying...So what else do we talk about other the paying bills that have becomes a sorts of a culture to us the modern men...I guess life would be rather dull if we have no bills to pay.... So after doing the ritual of paying those bills, I went to the shopping mall to browse around and with plenty of time on my side, I decided to shop for book at the Great Eastern Mall, where there is a good collection of books at the book shop there.. After parking my car at the basement I took the lift to the LG floor and there at the lobby there are exhibition many stalls selling all sorts of goods with a sale pitch... With such fine things on display I decided to delay going to the bookstore and browse through the many stores displaying varieties of product that includes works of arts for interior deco and the tit bits of arts that you can live without but would add color to your life style if you had....And in the process would makes live more interesting and colorful... Knowing what I wanted to get at one of this stall and postponing the purchase for a while, I decided to proceed to the book shop and straight away went to look for some new books.... After a while of browsing I found two books that look interesting and without much a do I paid the cashier and went down to the lobby again to have a second look at all those fine crafts on display for I Love to take a close look at all those works of arts on display there and being a lover for anything 'arts'...I would sometimes spend considerable times looking around and at time make purchases to add to my collections of the works of arts...This time I want to have a much closer look.... On looking I found one that attract my interest... A complete range of crafts for home deco...Some unique pieces that I had not seen before....I had a look at a collection of the varieties of fruits done on wood and left plain, unlike the usual one where the artificial fruit are colored to look just real...In this case it is just plain wood...Interesting concept eh!....I wanted to buy a few, but then I did not carry much cash at that moment in time and had just enough to spend on a few things before going home....While browsing I came in contact with the owner of the stall and as usual with me, we soon began communicating in a common language of the love for those things of beauty and the works of arts....One thing leads to another and there we spend a considerable time, exchanging small tall about living and the fine arts of living.... He say that he had spend a numbers of years working in the UK and after a while came back to a place he call home...Malaysia.....Work for a while and then went into business of the things in/of arts, that related to the new Malaysian life style..... Well we talk the small talk and enjoy the cordial atmosphere of our meeting..... To me it was indeed great to meet someone, a stranger that happen to be there with the same interest like me, in arts, to enhanced the quality of our life as well of our fellow countryman, a society that are in the process of becoming lover of the arts in all its forms and size... The house has been transformed into a home, meticulously decorated with the fine of things arts, from furniture, to accessories, to music, to the color schemes, introducing a life style of it own.. The Malaysian way of life.... A new Malaysian culture in the making.....A generation of Malaysian that benefit from the hard working of their forefather from the day this country gain independence in ninety fifty seven..... It was nice to talk to this gentleman, who seem to be full of energy and ideas and wanting to share it with others....To continue making this beloved country a great country to live and enjoy life.... We seem to share many thoughts that span's time and agree that the country has progresses much beyond our expectation,in such a sort period of time...... As usual many things came to my mind when talking to such fine people whose appreciation of the arts are in tuned to mine...... We all love those beautiful things, even the tiny one, the work of arts of someone gifted with a creative mind, transforming something that simple to a work of art...The would eventually bring delight and enjoyment to million of others that get connected with it....Just like a straw hats or a mats or a wooded fruits or whatever item made by someone in places that we had never heard of, that bring joy to someone that possess it and with it enhanced his or her quality of life...... I believe that arts in any forms always bring happiness and a joy forever..... What a life without those fine things, we call the works of arts....Dull I supposed!....Lucky for us all, that we are all the times, are never short of those great people that love arts and the artists that created it..... For our pleasure and enjoyment,thus improving the quality of our life in this wonderful country of ours...... Thanks my friend Ng... For those great small talk we have had......It was indeed great meeting you and I enjoy every minutes listening and talking to you..... Have a nice day....My friend's website is
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