Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A picturesque scene on the Tahan river as we move upstream and watch the wonder of the world's oldest forest...The scene all along was spectacular, the lush jungle touching the base of the river with a reflection making a beautiful mirror images...A panoramic view like those seen in the postcard, but here it is for real, you could touch and feel the cool flowing water, so clear that you could see the rocks at the bottom and the fish that makes this its habitat, the atmosphere were fresh and you could feel the freshness of this virgin forest, a forest that had been there for million of years..... To my wife and me it was a ride of a life time in our golden age...What a day...To witness nature in its greatness, unspoiled by the progress of time..Anyone that visit Malaysia must makes it a point to visit Taman Negara, the Malaysian National Park..... Posted by Hello

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