Monday, September 27, 2004

Last Friday I went to the Great Eastern Mall to get some fruits for our dinner and while there I visit an exhibition by our local artist...'Arts Fest 2004' "Melting Pot of Cultures" that started on September twenty forth and would end on October the tenth... There were many paintings on display at the exhibition.. A good collection in various categories, all for sale, from the very expensive to the price that are affordable by ordinary Malaysian...I love works of arts and with an opportunity like this,I usually would linger on to look at all the paintings on exhibit...I had always wanted to meet the painter in person, but it seldom happen but on this occasion after enquiring, I met one of the painter, a charming young Malay lady, whose works are on display.. She introduce herself as Zila and soon we got into talking about the arts....A fascinating lady indeed, very bright and broad minded... She had travel and had taken her paintings for exhibition to a number of European countries and in the process had learn much to improve her world of the arts....According to her, the traveling had expose her to many new ideas, thus making her world of culture more interesting and educational...In that her painting of the typical Malaysian scene of her parent's days are much appreciated by those in the countries she visited...I saw a few of her painting on display and it is indeed unique...It is one of a kind and I believe if she continue with her kind of painting and stick to the uniqueness of her present painting, she would eventually be one of a kind...A special in her own right...In a category of her own... With the Malaysian life style progressing toward a more affluence society, good paintings of the local scene would eventually be in demand....Malaysian now has started to make their house into a home with a special touch, where more and more Malaysian get to do interior decorations, which at one time was only found in the home of the rich....With the Malaysian middle class growing and the per capital income increasing, Malaysian now could afford to upgrade their dwelling into a beautiful home to their liking...A good painting hung on a wall would surely enhance the home atmosphere, thus making it a very exclusive place to be in a home...I told Zila of my travel and the love for fine things including my appreciation of good painting and hope that she would continue to paint, because a good painting, like any other works of arts in a home always brighten up the home, thus bring happiness and joy to the family, as well as to the guests that visit such home... Her exhibit in the images below:[Some paintings by Zuzila Zain] Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

A'kum dearest Pak Idrus,

Zila the naive painter here. Sorry for being quiet for a long time.

Thank you for such a lovely comment on my art work. I am so flatted hehe...

I leave my email address here , do keep in touch!