Wednesday, April 21, 2004

With love from Russia... Yes.. That is what the email in a way say...... the surprise email that I received from St.Petersburg city, Russia.... A lady by the name of Anna visited my site the other day and decided to complement me for my writing..... I am indeed happy that I have found a friend in Russia or the other way around, a Russian have found a friend in Me.... A Malaysian..... Thanks Anna for writing, your mail really makes my Day... I am indeed very happy that someone in faraway Russia did read my blog.... What a wonder the internet and cyberspace is to us human.... for distance and political boarder of countries ceased to exist anymore and in cybershpere .... We are all one now... A cybercitizen of cybersphere.... Of a kind no human generations have gone before.... As I have said time and again the internet is the second best invention by man after the wheel... for it gave us human the freedom to reach out to anyone in this whole wide world of ours.... And here today without the wildest dream I befriend a Russian that I have not met as yet, except now in cyberspace.... A Russian from St.Petersburg city, a great and historical city that I had long to visit and hope sometime in not too distance future, I would be able to visit this great country especially St.Petersburg..... anyway our daugher, an MD, did visit St.Peterburg on an official business some years ago... and she brought back interesting souvenirs that we still keep as a memento of her visit to the home of the great Russian tsar..... I have always hope that my blog would reach as many people as possible, for my writing are just my daily experiences, that I am sure would in some way contributes to the reader's interest.... As a person in the golden age.... I have gone through life and like any human on this planet that we share.... I am just passing through and in my journey of life I have gain some knowledge that only person on such a journey could ever gain.... No school could teach us all the knowledge that we gain on the journey of life.... From childhood to Youth and to this great golden age.....We accumulate knowledge and perhaps some wisdom.... I believe that all knowledge would be useless if we did not share with our fellow being.... So my writing are in a way... my way of sharing ..... Toward making this world a better place to live..... and perhaps prosper together and with that enjoy life in this global village of our.... Like any village where we grew up, we normally live in peace and harmony and continue to do so even when we leave our village to a greener pasture..... the memories of those great days in our little village and our friends linger on and on and we shall never forget those great days of childhood and the growing up..... So I believe it would be the same if we in this global village could continue the tradition of friendship that are part of us human, are born with.... then our world would be as peaceful and harmony as our little village were..... We human, a species with great intelligent..... I believe, we could do it if we all put our heart and mind in nurturing love to our fellow mankind..... After all we were born out of love not out of hate..... We all have love in our heart and we all should nurture it so that the next generation of mankind have more love in them..... For a start let us use the cyberspace as a media to sow the seed of love all over the blue planet.... For if we sow love now......Surely we would eventually reap love when the seed grows into plants and then flowers and eventually would bear the fruits of love...... For God is Love and let us make Love contagious and spread like wild fire all over this blue planet of ours... Like what is happening in this space of time..... A lady from Russia send her welcome signal of friendship through cyberspace and here Me on the receiving end.... Accepting it with open arm..... We have a saying in Malay ' Kecil tapak tangan, Nyiru ditadahkan ' translated into English ' Kecil tapak tangan ' the small palm of a hand. Nyiru' a large flat container usually use to put in rice, ditadahkan ' to put in'....... So my friends Anna, let together make this world of ours a better place to live and enjoy life.... My friend... Welcome to cybernation.... our country.... a boarderless world........Have a nice day.....Terima Kasih

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