Friday, April 30, 2004

Well that lady from Russian did received my return mail.... So we are in communication now..... She say she did received all my mail.... I was afraid that the virus might got all those mail and divert it to other places..... Now that she has replied..... My antivirus software's are doing a good job so far..... It makes thing simple..... I hope that she would continue to read my blog..... And perhaps exchange ideas as to how to makes this blue planet of ours a better place to live and enjoy life..... On the internet front, I have just received an offer to start an email from Gmail.... A googles.... I have accept the offer to try this new email address and hope it would be another great email address that are available to us cybernuts...... I have already start to use my new Gmail and it look like, it is a simple to use and I believe it is going to be a very popular email address in the year to come..... For an email address to work for the cyberpeople like me.... First it has to be 'friendly', that mean it is easy to use and would store all those new addresses that we are beginning to use.... It look like it is doing just that.... Great..... In cyberspace thing had to work fast or else it would be a waste of time and the snailmail culture would return..... I hope those at Gmail would give us user an icon to put on the desktop.... Now we have to choose our own icon.... I believe those guy at Googles are thinking of this..... Have a nice day and thanks those guy at Gmail for giving us cyberpeople another tool to use ......

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