Friday, April 09, 2004

There is a Malay saying ' Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga ' translate into English ' you fell from a ladder and the ladder fell and hit you" or misfortune never hit once .....and that opportunity only hit but once....... Well we all have gone through some sort of misfortune and some opportunity in our life time .... That is life and if we are smart we should learn something after every events in our journey of life..... and perhaps have more wisdom to carry on and continue to enjoy life.... as I have being saying I have lost contact with the matahari in Bali..... I believe No news is good news and hope they are well and enjoying life in the paradise they are living now.... Good for them and I do not believe I should pursue this any further.... They are enjoying life like the rich and famous and I share their joy in the hours of their achievement..... Let turn to some other subject so that life become more interesting..... Of late my computer have being receiving many unrelated email from some people that I do not even know..... I suspect this is the work of some virus so I decided not to open any of these many mails, delete it immediately and got rids of it out of my computer.... I also check my computer for any virus and as yet to fine any.... Hope it stay that way... It is rather nuisance at time to receive unknown and funny mail.... It waste my time and energy and if I am not careful it would ruin my computer..... Well this virus are getting smarter everyday, so we all have to be careful and be smarter so that they do not overtake our computer system...... With all those virus I have to be extra careful nowadays and hope that whatever mail I send did reach their destinations.... Like all those mail that I send to the matahari in Bali.... It has remain a mystery for I do not know whether the other party receive those email or the virus has sent it to someone else.... I just do not know....Unless the matahari in Bali reply to my many mail.... I am hoping for the best..... Anyway what can I say.... It is cyberspace that we are dealing, it has it our culture, norms and value..... which we are just beginning to learn and understand..... So I have to just wait and see what really happen.... in the mean time I have to try to communicate again and pray and hope for the best....At least get a short reply.... Well.. life is like that.... If it is not like that, then it would not be interesting... so whatever happen life goes on........Have a nice Day.

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