Sunday, April 04, 2004

It has been raining in the evening and some time it shower with strong wind.... This always happen during this period of the year... and there would be flash floods at various low lying spot in and around the city..... I love the rain for it keep the air fresh... You could even smell the freshness of the air but it is also has it not too interesting effect.... the cars get wet and had to be clean after every shower or even a small drizzle, if it is not done then the car would look just dirty with dirt that got stuck to the wet surfaces, with that it became smoggy and dirty..... So every time it rain, I had to do an extra job of cleaning the cars..... for I never like to see my cars look unclean.... I would like to see my cars all the time spot shining...... Actually when the cars get real dirty, I would sent it to the car wash to get it done.... but then it would not be that economical to send the car for was every time it get dirty.... So in between sending it to the car wash.... I would do it myself.... Just to sweat a bit and also just for the sire fun of it all...... Now that I had the vintage Volvo I had to do extra work of keeping both my cars in good looking condition.... My covered garage could only fit one car, so one car had to be outside at one time and this means that I had to see that the car that is outside is clean every time it rains..... Well that is life.... You get you you deserved.... You have an addition surely you have an extra load of work.... Anyway it keep me busy everyday and that is great at this golden age.... Where time is mine to do what I like and so the extra job of washing the car..... Anyway who am I to complain.... It is my own doing and I am happy about it... Life is like that..... So I might as well enjoy doing it and be happy about it.. come rain or sunshine...... Have a great day.

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