Friday, November 28, 2003

Went out with the kids, our daughter and the grandchildren to the Mamak shop to have tosei [ as south Indian breakfast delicacy] now Malaysianised......Now tosei has come in varieties, there are the masala tosei, the tall masala and of course the traditional crisp usual I love the crisp one, anyway it is a great way to have breakfast with the grandchildren at a Mamak shop.... with teh tarik...., let me explain to non Malaysian, Mamak shop is run by those Indian Moslem Malaysian, teh tarik is steamy hot tea mixed with condensed milk and served in tall glass, it would not taste that good if served in usual all these Mamak's breakfast do, would not taste the same if you take out home.....It sure taste great in the atmosphere of the Mamak like any other days, the Mamak shop is crowded with people having a great breakfast with families and friends......where else one could have such a wonderful breakfast like this, but those Mamak shop in Malaysia........Once we took an Indonesian and a Bangladish friends of our daughter to breakfast of tosie at this place and they sure enjoy it and had a great time...well that the Malaysian way of life......a great place to eat all sort of Asian delights....under one roof....thats Malaysia....a blend of the culture of the Asian people....Have a nice day.

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