Friday, November 28, 2003

The Edit your blog page is still not working properly but it is better then before, well it is evening now and the kids are playing play dough, making make believe cake and the like and enjoying every minutes of it....The kids, they have nothing to worry and take the day as it is us that worry, sometime too much...but as we grow old, we began to have more wisdom and began not to worry too much and would continue to enjoy life and appreciate every minutes of the time in our golden age.....It is friday again and today I went to the Friday prayer at the local mosque and meet friends, there not many people at the mosque this weekend, it is because most city dweller are not back just as yet from their balik kampong episode....soon the road would be jam again with cars and buses bring back holiday maker back to their homes in the cities and soon the cities would be alive like before.....the balik kampong would begin again when Christmas holiday came and cities folks would once again head to holiday resorts or their kampong for a holiday as usual....most of these holiday maker are young people who are just starting a family life and would take the opportunity of the festival holiday to take their family for a holiday to the many holiday resort all over the country......A friend from the Volvo club told me the other day that club member would do a convoy of old Volvo to a holiday resort in Malacca and invite me to join them.....well the last time I did join them...the trip to Cameron Highland was indeed interesting and we enjoy the holiday....most probably We would joint on this trip to the holiday resort in Malacca.....this particular resort is at the foot of a famous and legendary mountain, call gunong ledang.....I believe it would be an interesting weekend get away......Most of those who took part in the Volvo club affair are senior like us, with a few young would surely be interesting to attend the bar b que that evening at the resort hotel....I am looking forward to the trip....some time in the middle of next month....meeting old friends and enjoying the get our golden age.

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