Sunday, November 02, 2003

On browsing through the New straits times and Metro yesterday, I found in both newspapers old photos of the happening in the seventies that are related to the activities of the present Prime Minister Pak Lah, in both the newspaper I was delighted to see myself in the black and white photo of the Prime minister meeting some youth leaders, what a day to see oneself together with the young Pak lah in the seventies,now the new Prime minister of Malaysia, as I had said before, I was then his Assistant Director and work under his able leadership for almost five years and indeed it was one of the best and challenging period of my career in Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Malaysia.....With him gone into politic in the late seventies, we a professional government officer still continue to work in the same Ministry for the rest of our career in the government, I did met him from time to time and the latest was last March this year where he invited some forty couples of those that served with him in the Ministry in the seventies, my wife and me was included in the invitation for a dinner at his resident at Putra Jaya, Well we all had a prayer secession with him that evening and then had dinner together, it was indeed great to be able to meet him in person as the Deputy Prime Minister of the country. Well at the meeting that evening he told us of his aspiration for the country and that when he headed the states then he would govern it will full responsibility and commitment to the cause of the people, the country and the religion....we were indeed glad to meet him and hear of what he has to say....knowing pretty well that he is the right man for the job and now that he has became the Prime Minister of Malaysia, I believed that he would surely bring this country to a greater height .. for Dr.Mahathir Mohamad has left a well and prosperous country for him to carry on, and I am sure he would be able to shoulder the great responsibility bestowed upon him by the people of Malaysia.. sybas to the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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