Monday, November 10, 2003

I sat down as usual with my laptop ready to use, but then the grandchildren came, all five of them, well their first target is the computer, I have two, one a desk top and another a lap top, with three of them all exposed to the world of computer in their school, they slowly took over both my computer to look for their email or play games, the youngest of them is my grandson Nua, he was exposed to the computer from the age of three while we were living in Boston, USA, so to him the computer is part of his life and he took to it like duck to the water. I am indeed please that these generation are geared to the computer age coupled with the Malaysian government policy of getting as many people to be exposed to the computer, we now have broadband and this makes it easy for us to surf the net, faster then ever before, moreover with broadband many user in our house could surf the net at one time, not like before with the dial up system where it is not only slow, it also bogged to a single user at a time. now with broadband surfing the net became so much a pleasure, so today my grandchildren has taken over the computer and surfing the net, sending mail and the sort to their friends and of course for little Nua, he is with playing game and excited with wining all the time....Amazing three generation in cyberspace and enjoying every minute of it.

When I grew up in the forties, there was no electricity, no running water and other modern amenities, the only tool we use to write at school were the slate but now these grandchildren are born with everything, electrical and electronic are at their sight, it is indeed amazing that within a short span's of time, Malaysian have quantum leap to become a modern society with all the facilities of a developed world, in fact what those people in the west like the USA have, we have them all and at a much cheaper rate. We are supposed to reach a develop world status in the year twenty twenty, but from the look of it we are already there, just look at all the gadget that the children and grandchildren are using with the computer already becoming a part of their life and as for the Malaysian society at large, their homes are full of all the electronic like dvd player, big screen TV, twenty four house satellite TV with more then fifty channels, walk into the kitchen at an average Malaysian home and you would see all those gadgets like microwave oven, rice cooker, a big fridge, smart cooker and the like to make thing easy for the Malaysian spouse. We even have a cybercity and all the cities and town are link with the net, every other Malaysian now carry a cel phone, so in fact we have everything for this is the result of good governance and hard working and a productive with continue political and economic stability Malaysian would continue to prosper with a great life style....a wonderful Malaysia for the grandchildren to inherit........

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