Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Orchid...

We love flowers of all kinds and that includes Orchid. At the small garden at the backyard we grow some orchids which would bloom from time to time. Unlike ordinary flowers Orchid takes a longer time to bloom so one need lots of patience in growing Orchids. Some takes years to show it flower and when it bloom it does made us happy to see that glorious colour in our garden. The garden at the backyard is taken care of by my spouse who nurture the plants with care every morning where should would tend and water the plant. The above flower of the orchid is the result of that nurturing. Orchid last longer if it is not cut. But at time folks cut it to put in a vast to adorn the living room. In our case we just let it flower at the plant and enjoy seeing its vibrant colour whenever we are at the garden. It does make us happy to see all those colourful flowers. True as folks say that Flowers is the Keeper of our joys; yes indeed we are joyous. I believe those of you who look at the image above would be happy too. 

Have a nice day.

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