Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Respecting the Plants...

We all need energy to survive on planet earth and that energy come from the Sun. The only specie that could convert the sun's energy into foods is the Plant. Without the plants all other species could not survived on this planet. And of course the oxygen that is vital to our survival. Our specie now takes all kind of meat other that vegetable to get the sun's energy. By taking meat mean that we get the energy from a second-hand source. Remember the animals first have to eat the plant in order to get the energy from sun. It is ridiculous for our specie to go to the third party to get our energy when we could easily get it from the second party; the plants. We can get all the nutrition we need to live a healthy life if we just consume vegetable. I am trying to do just that slowly, one step a time. Now we consume less meat. We now take mostly white meats and vegetable and hope in due course we could do away with meat all together. So folks do give due respect to the plant that give so much to enable all to live a beautiful life on this planet.

Have a nice day.

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