Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Of Good Furniture...

They say that any work of art including good furniture is always waiting for its rightful owner. Most of these furniture’s are made by hand and the finished product would always be one of a kind. Thus the owner would be the only one who owns such work of art. I love work of art especially uniquely designed furniture and whenever I am out at some shop that sells these unique crafted items I would be attracted to buy one. It is always like that with me. I would ask for the price and when found it beyond my mean would just leave it there, perhaps I would say silently to myself that most probably I am not its rightful owner or as yet to be. I would go and look around the shop and enjoy myself looking at the other work of art. It always make me happy to see those work art that must have taken the skill craftsman many hours creating it.  Such finished product would only look attractive to those who appreciate the work of art that are crafted with love and passion by the craftsman. Like a painting in always became a work of beauty and pleasing to the eyes. Most of the time there are never two of the same that look alike. It is the same like the furniture of solid wood that is in the image above. I went not less than three times to the same shop and still found that same furniture was still there and had not found it rightful owner. I had actually fallen in love with this piece of furniture so without much hesitation I decided to buy it; and since it is not that big I got the worker to put it in my car and took it home happy. And when it got home I instantly knew where to put this sort of stool; in my little garden in front of the patio. Well today it is there well blended with the other pieces of art works that I had purchased over time.  It now became one of my best collections of a work of art in the form of this lovely and unique looking stool. It is made from a large piece of log and cut into pieces. With the creative eyes of the craftsman it has turn that pieces of timber into a beautiful wooden stool that is seen in this image. Now I am the rightful owner and I love it. 

Have a nice day.

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