Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Serambi...

Here is an image of the flooring of my Serambi or Patio. I have always liked the way the Malay build their traditional house; a raised up building about a metre above ground. By doing so it allows the cool air from below into the house through the opening in between the plank flooring.  Thus the whole house is well ventilated and there was no need to have even a fan around to cools the inside of the house. Nowadays it is almost impossible to live without the fan or air conditioning. The reason is that most house are construct with low ceiling and very limited ventilation that would allow the air to circulate like in the tradition Malay house. Since I live in one of those 'modern' house I decided to create that Kampong atmosphere by creating spaces like the loft with high ceiling where the Air well was once and the Serambi outside the main house so that I get to sit and enjoy my time in an atmosphere like the days when we were living in a traditional Malay house in the Kampong. Well folks I tried to do the little I could in a small house like the Serambi and a little garden where I could plants greens to add colour to the atmosphere of the house. My little garden does cool the front of the house. That Serambi is always a nice place to sit and enjoy reading or meeting friends for a chat over coffee.  

Have a nice day.

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