Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday in October...

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in October. The sky was blue with patches of white clouds. After breakfast and doing the chore around the house I decided to go for a jog and do some photography at the nearby park; Taman Tasik Ampang. Packing my photography gear I drove the Honda to the Park. After parking the car at the parking lot took a slow walk while enjoying the fresh air. 

I dangle my camera and walk along the path in the park taking picture of the place at random. Then found a place to sit and continue to take some picture of the surrounding are. The weather and the sun were just right for a good photography. This morning there was not that many birds around and I could not get any picture of it. So I decided to do a little of macro photography. I change the lens to the Micro Lens that I had brought along and took some picture of ants. While in the midst of doing that I got bitten by the red ants that are all over the tree nearby. I quickly got rid of it. 

Then I saw a tiny insect crawling on my hand. I quickly got rid it and took a picture of it using the micro lens. After a while the sun overhead was getting hotter I then decides to move along. While walking I met a friend whom I had not met for such a long time. We shake hand and chat a while and then we move on. Got into my car and then drove back home happy with that short adventure of the day. 

Have a nice day.

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