Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A beautiful morning...

Woke up to a beautiful morning and heard the birds were chirping from branch to branch at the little garden in front of my patio. It was just after seven in the morning. The sun was up behind the house so the front of the house is still away from the morning sun-ray. As usual at these hours of the morning I would clean the front of the house and sweep the dry leaves and flowers that had litter the pavement near the garbage; it a daily ritual that I sweep the pavement the first thing in the morning. And on this gorgeous morning I notice the moon up above in between the white cirrus clouds. I stop sweeping and went up to take my camera and took the about image of the moon. Amazing isn’t; such a beautiful sight to wonder of that small planet nearest to home, our earth. Soon as the sun rise it would disappeared from sight. Not to lost that sight I took as many picture of it and sharing one here. 

And then I saw a group of birds on the power cable overhead enjoying it selves basking in the morning sun. I quickly adjust my camera and took a picture of it enjoying itself in the morning breeze. 

The scenes do make my day. Have a nice day as well folks.

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