Thursday, October 31, 2013

Macerated Pineapple...

It about the tropical fruits the westerner call Pineapple , a plant of the Bromeliad family. It is call Nenas in Malay. The scientific name is Ananas comosus. The fruit is use for making juice, taken as it is and could even be cooked in curry. As for now I would like to share the way I like best to enjoy this exotic fruits. It is the Macerated Pineapple as seen in the image about. It is very easy to do. This is how it is done. After the skin is taken out cut the Pineapple into thin slices. Get a container bowl, sprinkle lavishly with sugar. Lay the thin pieces in the bowl. Then sprinkle more sugar on the sliced pineapple. Repeat the process, layer by layer until all the slices are in the bowl. Cover it and put in the fridge. It can be eaten in after about an hour in the fridge; the longer in the fridge the better. 

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