Thursday, June 19, 2008

Houston we have...

[The happening June 13]. It was a beautiful morning, with clear blue sky and patches of white cloud everywhere. Indeed a great day to sightseeing. So been in Houston we decided to visit the Space Center. Yes the space center that we often heard when there is a space flight in progress. And that famous phrase... Houston we have problem.... Surely our visit to Houston would not be complete without visiting this Space Center. The whole families, including one of the two gorgeous kids of our nephew were around to generate more fun for that family outing.

We got to the center in no time and without much ado took the organized tour to the center. This is the real thing and not an amusement park. It is where all the control of the space mission is coordinated. We were taken around on a sort of a trailer and stop at those various places that made the space center. As usual with this sort of trip, it was fun and in this case educational for we all get to see the real things. I am simply awed with the size of the spaceship and all the components that made it. At the very moment in time a Space Shuttle is up there somewhere and we could see the progress in real time at the big TV display. It was just like in a made belief environment, yet it is the real thing. The Space Center Houston. As seen in the images above we got to see and touched those magnificent machine that made the space shuttle. It was a sight that we often see on the TV and today we get close to one and touch it. Personally I am indeed happy to get to be here and be part of this amazing achievement to mankind. Have a nice day.

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